With Peakboard, employees at all levels know about goals, progress and relationships at all times. Real-time information ensures that they identify problems early and prioritize tasks more efficiently. View key KPIs such as target states, defect rates, or staffing levels and use Peakboard as an optimization and motivation system.

Lean management board for efficient value creation in production.

Digital signage for more efficient lean management processes. Thanks to the all-in-one solution Peakboard, you can support your lean management even better. For example, by optimizing your processes through more transparency. We provide you with a simple and secure tool composed of hardware and software for effective visual management.

OKR – agile management for more employee motivation.

With Peakboard it is very easy to visibly communicate OKR’s (objectives and key results) quickly and in real time to every employee. When employees know what goal they pursue with the current task and what progress is being made with the task, they can work with more focus and motivation.

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