The world of manufacturing and intralogistics is entering a new era. More and more data is being created, most of which remains in darkness. We at Peakboard believe that this era needs visualization to bring light into the darkness of the endless data stream.

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this visualization solution
is years ahead of others.
and using it means
that you will be, too!

The dashboard shows four defined objectives using the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) method. Each of these is indicated in three sub-objectives.

5 enlightening reasons

simple. flexible.
dynamic. efficient.

Whether andon boards, logistics dashboards, or corporate digital signage.
With Peakboard, visualizations of processes, data, and key figures are created lightning fast on displays in your company.

On this dashboard, the manufacturing status and order status of two production lines in a production hall is visualized in real time. Qualitative and quantitative key figures are displayed within the production process.

reason 1

hardware & software are at their best
when you can use them seamlessly.

That’s why Peakboard wins people over with its illuminating user-friendliness.
You can easily install the professional visualization solution yourself.
And the Peakboard Designer offers many functions that will turn you into
a designer, too. Peakboard is simple to use in many very different fields of
application. And it’s ready to go quicker than quick. This simplicity doesn’t just make
you independent: It saves money, too. Simply enlightening.

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reason 2

Peakboard is the perfect
visualization system for everything you have planned.

Its scope of delivery includes interfaces that you can configure with a few clicks of your mouse.
With Peakboard, you can easily link machine data from the MES with order information
from the ERP system and employee news from SharePoint and visualize the data or
create an overview of important key figures such as delivery reliability, complaint ratios, and
operational capacity. You can create the data for this from sources such as Excel, SAP, or SQL.
You have targeted access to exactly the data that you need. Or you can quite simply shed light on
your KPI’s or inventory.

reason 3

you don’t need any external IT infrastructure, like servers.

As a framework, Peakboard offers users a fully programmable and expandable program logic. Whether andon boards, corporate digital signage, or dashboarding. With Peakboard, visualizations of processes, data, and key figures are created lightning fast on displays in your company. Simply choose from among the many tools for individual solutions in visualizing and connecting upstream systems. Just link Peakboard to your existing IT infrastructure. This allows all business processes along the value chain to be connected, monitored, and optimized. Just like that.

This display appears in the case of a machine fault and visualizes MES data and machine data in real time. Detailed information is displayed in the event of a fault.

reason 4

dynamically adjust your content.

As an open system, Peakboard gives you every opportunity to make changes quickly and single-handedly. Make an automatic warning message when a machine breaks down in the production hall, create an ad-hoc discount in the canteen or food service, or have the status of all open production orders displayed – whenever something occurs to you.

This dashboard displays the current daily plan of a company. In addition to various widgets such as time, date and weather, current appointments and information are displayed in the corporate design of the company.

reason 5

it’s really worth it.
numbers are our strength.

Our calculation works the best: More performance + less complexity = lower costs. Compared to conventional professional visualization solutions, Peakboard is inexpensive. The price includes not only the hardware and software, but also 24/7 replacement of the hardware in the unlikely event that anything should go wrong.

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