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Here you’ll find enlightening insights, illuminating information, additional links,
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Peakboard webinars.

Visualizing different data on a monitor in real time is quite easy. In our free webinars we show you how it works.

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With the Peakboard Designer you can create a wide variety of dashboards in no time at all to display all relevant information at a glance and in real time. Whether it’s live tiles or traditional charts. For production, logistics, IT, and sales.

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Peakboard templates.

Peakboard’s flexibility makes it possible to have numerous application options in the most diverse areas. Here you’ll find some templates with a brief description. Go directly to download.

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Understand Peakboard quickly and efficiently, and utilize it optimally for your needs. Here you’ll find numerous articles for beginners and advanced users as well as tutorials that explain exactly how you can put together your visualization. Under “get started” you’ll find your first steps with Peakboard.

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For those of you who want to know more about Peakboard, are interested in process optimization and real-time communication, or are simply looking for inspiration for the perfect dashboard.

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Peakboard lets you easily introduce students to technical processes and familiarize them with digitalization projects. If you are a student or trainee, you can easily do your visualization projects with Peakboard.

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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Peakboard. To help you as quickly as possible, these are divided into general and technical questions.


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