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try, test and tinker – Peakboard at the ARENA2036 research campus.

Carla Märkl

Carla Märkl

At Peakboard, we love to create, experiment, test, and tinker with new things to help our customers boost their digital transformation and make their processes more efficient.

Out of this drive to explore, we wondered if there was a way to show potential customers live how Peakboard could be used in smart manufacturing. Why not tackle real-life problems together, while learning about other perspectives and tailoring our product to users’ needs?
Since we see Peakboard as an integral part of the production of the future, ARENA2036 is exactly the right place for our projects. Here we can work together on use cases and test ideas and research approaches directly in practice. Of course, this also creates new challenges, but they are necessary and helpful for progress towards “digitalization”.

what exactly is the ARENA2036?

We have been a member of ARENA2036 since the beginning of 2021. It is described as a modern innovation platform in which companies of all sizes as well as research institutions come together and work together on interdisciplinary projects.
With its research campus, ARENA2036 makes an active contribution to the future and digital design of work, mobility, and production.
It is precisely this concept of conducting research together, trying out processes, and then optimizing them that the ARENA2036 research campus in Stuttgart-Vaihingen offers. This makes it an ideal place for Peakboard to meet mid-sized and large companies as well as research institutions and to collaborate on tinkering, testing new product features, and sometimes pushing Peakboard to its limits.
ARENA2036 is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which also funds some projects.
In this virtual tour of the ARENA2036 (German only), you’ll get an overview of its partners and members and catch a glimpse of the research campus space

how does Peakboard get involved in the ARENA2036?

In the first months of our membership, we focused on getting to know each other. On the one hand, we got insights into ongoing projects, and on the other hand, we introduced Peakboard to the other members. Currently, we are involved in various case studies with companies and research institutions, such as the start-up NAiSE or the University of Stuttgart. ARENA2036 itself also found the Peakboard solution exciting right away, so we are currently designing a dashboard for the reception, where current news will be displayed, and visitors will be informed.

In addition, we were able to join the already ongoing collaborative project Fluid Production. The goal of this project is to visualize production data via MQTT and process it with Peakboard so that it is more transparently available in the store. In a first step, we have already succeeded in visualizing energy consumption data of a robot to comply with ISO 50001.
Find out how things are progressing here and what other projects we will tackle in ARENA2036 here in the blog. Subscribe to it to make sure you don’t miss anything else.

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