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Peakboard & STARTUP AUTOBAHN – full speed ahead towards innovation!

An exciting 100 days of inspiring collaboration with STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug & Play are now behind us – and have opened up whole new opportunities for us. Together with 29 selected technology startups, we were part of EXPO 10, an online event that brings together innovative startups and established industry players. And as luck would have it, both we at Peakboard and STARTUP AUTOBAHN are celebrating our 5th anniversary this year.

The STARTUP AUTOBAHN is not an ordinary startup accelerator, but aims to offer young companies a platform to present themselves and find suitable partners based on concrete projects. The goal of the STARTUP AUTOBAHN is to bring each startup together with at least one industrial company for a concrete pilot project. Then, they will present the results of the collaboration at EXPO 10. At this year’s EXPO 10, well-known companies such as BASF, Bosch, Schaeffler, Webasto, and Porsche were present.
At this point, we would like to thank ARENA2036 for proposing us for the program. Naturally, we accepted the challenge and gave it our full attention!


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full speed ahead towards innovation

Since we only found out that we were participating in the program a few days before it started, we didn’t have a fully developed project concept at the beginning. But we would not be Peakboard if this challenge had not motivated us and we did not already have one or two ideas up our sleeves.
The program began on April 14, 2021, with a digital kick-off event. Each startup had 90 seconds to introduce themselves to the companies. Questions like “What three words best describe you as a startup?” and “What exactly is your USP?” were answered. Other networking events and opportunities for knowledge exchange followed. Focus was on the topics of mobility, production, enterprise and sustainability.

between networking events and knowledge exchange

We were able to generate interest from three potential partners, and more exciting conversations took place where we were able to get to know the companies and their needs in more detail.
Novelis Inc. was a good fit for us, and we quickly realized that Peakboard could be used at Novelis not only in one area but also at other locations and in other use cases. We expect to present the results of this project at the EXPO days in February.

three days of innovation, technology and discovery at EXPO 10

EXPO 10 took place as a hybrid event this year, and we were, in on the action. The three-day event gave the brightest minds and top innovators the opportunity to showcase their technologies to industry experts and curious creatives from around the world.
Paul Sudar, Software Consultant at Peakboard, held a breakout session along with two other startups at ARENA2036, namely NAiSE and ThingOS. The title was Startups. The Gladiators in the ARENA2036. The breakout session highlighted the added value of a strong network and the potential that lies in regularly sharing knowledge with other companies.
Patrick Theobald, our CTO and founder, also gave a keynote on Information to the people! Why humans are the most underrated key for efficiency. There will be a separate blog post about this soon, so it’s worth checking back regularly!

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