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Peakboard is an all-in-one solution consisting of software and hardware including web interface to FORCE Bridge API, part of the partner solution FORCAM FORCE™, FORCAM’s IT platform for the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). With the partner solution, data is visualized easily, quickly and supplemented by extended processes and tasks for employees on screens in the company – in real time. Peakboard can easily process and visualize data not only from FORCAM FORCE™, but also from non-MES systems, thus creating an extended representation of processes that goes beyond the “classic” data and representation of MES.

For example, create a digital FORCAM Andon board with Peakboard, which is used for visual monitoring on the shopfloor to show the production status of a production line or production system. Production processes can be easily optimized in this way. 

Use a connection to FORCAM FORCE™ to visualize your workplaces in real-time. Process data and data on overall plant effectiveness (GAE / OEE) are retrieved via FORCAM’s web interface FORCE Bridge API and displayed as Andon Dashboard.

Or you can design a dashboard for production analysis to get a detailed overview of a single workstation in production. The production data you get from the FORCE Bridge API can be related to other parameters, like the hourly rate and unit price. This not only serves as an order overview and the monitoring of the current operation but also gives you transparency about the resulting costs or costs of errors, e.g. due to a machine failure. In this way, FORCAM and Peakboard support you in process optimization in your production and thus contribute to an improvement in productivity.

"Smart factory communication: With production data from
the FORCAM solution and the help of Peakboard, processes
can be visualized in real time and the factory reality can be
seen efficiently and user-friendly."

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In the era of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), manufacturing companies need an integrative IT architecture to significantly increase their efficiency in production and planning. FORCAM provides an open and freely expandable IIoT platform solution for data-driven manufacturing. The cloud-capable platform solution is rated “best in class” by analysts; it is used by large and medium-sized companies with international operations – including BorgWarner, Dynomax Aerospace, Howmet Aerospace (formerly Arconic), Kostal, Krones, Lockheed Martin, Richards Industrials, Schaeffler. More than 100,000 machines worldwide are already networked with FORCAM technology. FORCAM is headquartered in Ravensburg, Germany, with offices in the USA (Cincinnati), England (Rugby), and China (Shanghai).


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The solution of FORCAM supports above all executives and users from the ranges manufacturing, production and IT.

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