Data Connectionsat a Glance

From data formats such as JSON and XML, databases and SAP via social media to machine, conveyor and sensor information such as Siemens S7 and OPC UA. A wide variety of data can be easily connected and visualized in real time with Peakboard. Below you will find an overview of the currently possible data connections with Peakboard. In Addition, we are constantly developing new ways of connecting data.

Web Formats


RSS feeds are designed for the distribution of news and other information. Peakboard supports all common RSS formats for the integration of news streams.

Webpage Table

With this connection, tabular web pages serve as data providers.

Azure Event Hub

Both the Azure Event Hub and the IoT Hub are supported as data sources.

Google Sheet

Import Google-Sheet spreadsheets directly from the cloud and visualize them automatically.


CSV transports structured data across platforms. CSV files and streams can be used, which are available either on a drive, cloud storage or via http.


The modern CRM and lead generation tool Pipedrive can be directly integrated via its API.


OData is a standard for exchanging data between different applications. Publicly accessible sources as well as company-owned data can be integrated.


Direct connection to Microsoft Office SharePoint makes it even easier to create your visualizations.


Almost all modern web services support data transfer via JSON. This protocol is very flexible and generic. The JSON formats of almost all modern APIs are supported.


With the Mail-Datasource you can send and receive emails.


Messages from the short message service can be filtered and sorted according to any criteria.


XML is a generic format for data of arbitrarily complex structures. XML files can be embedded from cloud storage or http.

MS Calendar

With the Office 365 Calendar data source you can read your appointments directly from your calendar.


With Slack you can integrate the popular chat program directly into Peakboard to send messages to or receive messages from a Peakboard-Box.

Databases and ERP Systems

MS Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV is one of the most widely used ERP systems for medium-sized businesses. The connection to Dynamics NAV is made via the official NAV interface for all modern versions.

Azure SQL

This data source supports SQL Server hosted at Microsoft Azure.


Oracle databases are supported as a source in all modern versions.

SQL Server

The Microsoft SQL Server is one of the most common database systems. All versions are supported.


By ODBC it is also possible to integrate very exotic databases, e. g. DB2, Informix, MySQL, etc.

IoT and Machine Control


MQTT is an open source based machine-to-machine protocol. MQTT messages can be subscribed to and processed directly in Peakboard.

Siemens S7

Peakboard supports reading and setting variables in S7 data blocks.

Azure IoT Hub

Both the Azure IoT Hub and the Event Hub are supported as data sources.

Programming Language

Lua Script Table

With the help of Lua scripts very exotic requirements to the data source can be covered. For example, data from several sources can be combined and merged into one source.

The appropriate data connection is not included? Contact our support team and inquire about what is currently under development and how you can connect and visualize your desired data with Peakboard.