ExcelData Connection

Peakboard and Excel – Two Universal Tools that go Hand in Hand.

Peakboard can interact with an incredible variety of different data sources: from SAP and databases to social media and web protocols. Even machine, conveyor system and sensor information can be easily visualized with Peakboard.

In the normal office environment, however, the largest general-purpose analysis tool that is used are Excel files. No matter what department, industry or company size. Excel has become an integral part of almost every office in the world. Therefore, Peakboard can also read Excel files.

Reading Excel Files With Peakboard.

When accessed from Peakboard, Excel can be used as a normal data source. This means that data stored in a spreadsheet can be displayed as a table format in the Peakboard-Designer. It is also possible to access only one subarea of the Excel worksheet.

If data has to be prepared, edited or mixed with other data sources before visualization, this can be done – as usual – with simple formulas and commands from the Lua Script Editor. If it should be necessary to use a graphic already created in the Excel file as part of a visualization instead of the pure data, this is no problem for Peakboard. Changes in the Excel work file – depending on the interval – are always displayed in real time to ensure the desired data update.

How to Transfer Information From Excel to the Peakboard-Box.

There are many approaches that depend largely on what the local infrastructure offers and what the customer wants. In order to get a quick introduction to Peakboard or to test visualizations, the simplest variant is to transfer the Excel files directly to the Peakboard-Box with the help of the Peakboard-Designer.
Another option is to store the Excel file in cloud memory. This can be Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Google-Drive or the peakboard.io portal provided by Peakboard.
Another common method is to access Excel files on a local network. Since network drives are usually protected by a Windows domain, Peakboard requires access via the Peakboard-Bridge. This bridge has been specifically designed by Peakboard to cover all domain rights and common network security and user permissions requirements.