Easy & quick real-timeSAP dashboard creation

Create your SAP dashboard with Peakboard

Visualize your corporate key performance indicators (KPI’s) from SAP data easily, quickly and in real time – with Peakboard.
The integrated interfaces of Peakboard allow the direct connection and same-time visualization of data from multiple data sources.
  • Simple connection, editing and preparation of data from multiple data sources possible (no direct SAP database access)

  • Integrated filter functions (SQL-like queries) from SAP enable a fast dashboard creation

  • Individual and effective visualization with a variety of dashboard elements such as diagrams and tables

  • Constant overview of relevant information through color coding changes and "if-then" functions

  • Peakboard is SAP-certified

No matter if the data basis is SAP standard elements or individually developed Z elements, Peakboard ensures a seamless and stable connectivity in either case.
Dashboard for the SAP warehouse management. Further free templates in the Template Portal

Peakboard for the simple, interactive real-time visualization of SAP data

  • Data from SAP modules such as SAP Business Warehouse

  • SAP business data together with operative data from warehouse/shop floor

  • SAP data together with all other Peakboard data sources


The Peakboard Box communicates directly with the SAP system without any additional middleware.
Two protocols are possible: classic RFC communication or SAP Gateway. On the SAP side, various objects such as RFC function modules, queries, BAPIs or table accesses serve as interfaces. Data from SAP Hana modules such as SAP Business Warehouse can be addressed via MDX query. ABAP reports are also possible data basis.
More information about the Peakboard-SAP interface can be found on our Help Site