SAPData Connection

Going Together – Peakboard and SAP.

SAP has become an integral part of managing and administering business processes in larger companies. In addition to classic areas such as sales, accounting and HR, SAP also plays a major role in logistics and production control. The seamless and stable connectivity from Peakboard to SAP is one of the major strengths and advantages over competitors. SAP sees this commitment to their technology and has officially certified Peakboard.

Typical Applications.

The Peakboard SAP interface is purely a generic interface, it is not restricted to specific applications. This means that official interfaces approved by SAP can be used in the same way as those developed by the customers themselves. The deployment scenarios are therefore very diverse. They range from classic operational dashboards that access transaction data directly up to SAP BW queries. The strength of Peakboard plays out when business data from SAP mixes with operational data from the warehouse or shop floor. All other Peakboard data sources can combine with SAP for visualizations. For example, the details of a production order from SAP could link to the current progress data of a MDE or BDE system. Or a progress indicator from the SAP warehouse transactions can combine with conveyor system malfunction reports.

The Technique.

In productive operations, when the Peakboard-Box executes the visualization, the box communicates directly with the SAP system without any additional middleware. There are two possible protocols for this: classic RFC communication or the SAP Gateway. The classic RFC connection is considerably more widespread, since the effort on the SAP side is generally minimal and RFC is the leaner and faster protocol.

Usually, a system user is used for access, which for security reasons is only granted very limited rights in SAP. On the SAP side, various objects can serve as interfaces. These could be RFC function modules or BAPIs, for example. Direct table access is provided for very simple applications. Queries are available for customers who have more complex data query requirements but cannot or do not want to carry out development or transport activities. If data from SAP BW is required, it can be addressed using an MDX query. Finally, normal ABAP reports such as those often used in the FI area are also conceivable as a data basis.