With 4 steps in the shortest timeto the finished dynamic visualization

Create and manage your professional visualization of information and data. Simple and flexible. With Peakboard!



Connect Peakboard

Connect the Peakboard-Box via HDMI cable to any size of screen – it doesn’t make any difference if it has a 7-inch display or one the size of a stadium. The data connection is made via cable or Wi-Fi.

Peakboard-Designer on the PC

Start the Peakboard Designer on your PC and create your own individual and dynamic visualization directly linked to your product management system, social media, or any other source system.
Free templates can be found in our Template Portal





Transmit the visualization to the Peakboard Box

Transmit your design via WLAN to the Peakboard Box with everything you need – images, videos, data sources, charts, and logic.

Visualizing your Peakboard

See how Peakboard displays your finished visualization on the screen, impresses customers, informs employees, and optimizes processes – without a central server, without a cloud, without deviations, and completely self-sufficient.



Create individual visualizations with the Peakboard Designer.
Download now and test without obligation!

With Peakboard, you can easily create very different types of professional visualizations. Whether transferring ERP data from SAP, calling-up PDF documents from a cloud, or viewing sensor data on a dashboard, the Peakboard Designer provides you with all the necessary functions. Try it today! Download the Peakboard Designer free-of-charge and start with the tutorials on our help page!