Excel data connection

real-time Excel dashboards with Peakboard.

multiple data connections

Connecting your Excel data is child’s play. You can also link many other databases from various sources.

a high degree of individualization

Create powerful individual visualizations with a wealth of dashboard elements such as diagrams and tables.

features and functions

Keep important information in view using color coding changes, “if-then” functions, and many other features.

your all-purpose tool in office life

Peakboard makes Excel data shine.

No matter the division, industry, or company size. These days, picturing an office without Excel is almost unthinkable. That’s why we at Peakboard make it easier to interpret Excel files as a matter of course. 

Peakboard displays sheet-stored data as tables in the Peakboard Designer. Decide for yourself whether you want to illuminate the entire sheet or just a segment of it. 

If data needs to be prepared, edited, or mixed with other data sources before visualization, you can implement it with simple formulas and orders in the Lua script editor. If it’s ever necessary to use not just the pure data, but also graphics that are already present in the Excel file as part of the visualization, that’s also no problem for Peakboard. Illuminate changes in the Excel work file simply in real time – data updates made easy!   

Easily connect, filter and display Excel data with the Peakboard Designer

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Excel data connection

illuminate Excel data with Peakboard

illuminatingly simple.

For a quick introduction to your first visualization, you can transfer your Excel file directly to the Peakboard Box using the Peakboard Designer. It’s also possible to store the Excel file in the cloud. For example, that could be Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, or Google Drive. As a source for Excel files, Peakboard also supports domain-internal network drives. 

You want to start on your first visualization right away? In our template portal, you’ll also find free templates for your dashboard with an Excel connection. 

this way to get an overview of the data connections.