MQTT visualization

MQTT data visualization with Peakboard.

MQTT client

Peakboard is an MQTT client and allows you to easily publish and subscribe data.

real-time data processing

Illuminating transparency by directly processing and visualizing your operational process data.

features and functions

Through color coding, conditional formatting, and many more features, critical information can be visualized directly without coding.

seamlessly connect MQTT servers

quick & easy configuration.

Peakboard is a decentralized visualization solution that makes it possible to publish and subscribe to MQTT servers in real time. Configure your own dashboards based on your needs. Directly connect your MQTT server to manage, process, and visualize your data in a decentralized way. Peakboard enables you to automatically calculate and display examples of custom logic, such as critical metrics and complex indicators.

Create informative visualizations using numerous elements, such as charts, tables, and color-coded schemes, to show operational process data right on your display.

Illuminate your IoT landscape. Link various data with a variety of integrated interfaces. Monitor your machines, MES, or ERP systems simultaneously on your custom dashboard.
The serverless visualization solution gives you complete flexibility and great scalability for individual visualization projects. 

You will find more information on our helpsite about
the MQTT data connection.

With the Peakboard Designer, you can connect, filter, and visualize data from the MQTT server.

swift processing and visualization

your MQTT visualization.

With the Peakboard Designer, you can begin your visualization project immediately and test all features. Just link your MQTT server and get started! You will find free templates in our Templatesite for your MQTT dashboard.

this way to get an overview of the data connections.