OPC UA data connection

real-time OPC UA dashboards with Peakboard.

OPC UA client

Peakboard is an OPC UA client and allows you to easily read and rewrite machine data.

relevant KPIs at a glance

Create your individual dashboard with key figures such as OEE, downtime, target-performance comparisons, scrap rates, and much more.

real-time data processing

Crystal clear transparency and maximum efficiency through comprehensive monitoring and reporting of operating data such as machine disturbances, detailed information about disturbances, and machine histories.

illuminate multiple data sources at the same time?

with Peakboard, it’s a piece of cake!

If you want to read and display machine data so you can automate and standardize your manufacturing processes, you’ve probably already come across the term OPC UA. OPC (Open Platform Communications) refers to software technologies that provide a uniform interface for controlling various devices and exchanging data. OPC UA (Unified Architecture) is the latest specification and ensures cross-platform compatibility.

In addition to many different data sources, databases, and ERP systems, Peakboard can also access machine control units or MES systems using OPC UA and visualize the data on a dashboard in real time. In the process, existing information systems are updated. This makes it possible to build applications that don’t just display machine data in real time, but also send commands back from the Peakboard Box or the connected touch screen to the system, e.g. to control processes or acknowledge error statuses. 
The machine data is clearly displayed with data from other data sources such as SAP on a dashboard, so that current processes, downtimes, etc. are visible at a glance. Sounds good, right? 

Directly connect and visualize data in real time using the OPC UA client.

The dialog in the Peakboard Designer will take you through the individual configuration steps: From selecting the security standard to determining the variables to be read, which you can create simply and quickly. 

Peakboard offers not just a high degree of user friendliness, but also extensive configuration opportunities, including variable-specific modifications and additional editing with Lua script or low code applications.

Peakboard implements the OPC UA protocol in the context of an OPC UA client, which accesses the system (OPC UA server) or the existing MES system without needing additional middleware. Peakboard receives the data using a subscription or interval-controlled read access. Any breaks in the connection are recognized and logged lightning fast. Reestablishment of the connection is then triggered automatically. The administration of the certificate created using an SHA256 algorithm, which can also be imported and exported, takes place directly in the Peakboard Designer.

this is how it works

build an HMI based on OPC UA!

In our video you will see how to build an HMI based on OPC UA with Peakboard, which serves as a communication interface between your employees and your machines. The HMI shows how many parts have been produced in total as well as which of them are scrap and which are not.

Thanks to our numerous interfaces, you can connect exactly those data sources, platforms and systems that are relevant for your processes. And with the help of the many functionalities of the Peakboard Designer, you can create your own individual visualization of process data – exactly the way you need it. Of course, the data is displayed in real time.


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On our helpsite you will find more information about OPC UA data connection.

You want to start directly with your first visualization? By the way, on our Templatesite there are also free templates for the connection and implementation of OPC UA data.

illuminate OPC UA data with Peakboard

illuminatingly simple.

this way to get an overview of the data connections.