Siemens S7 data connection

visualize the Siemens S7 controller in real time.

integrated interface

Direct connection of the Peakboard Box to an S7 controller via the Siemens S7 data source

plc visualization

Link and visualize Siemens S7 real-time data with data from a variety of other data sources

fault display

Direct visualization of specific events, such as faults, enables an immediate response

decentralized visualization solution

illuminated S7 communication.

With Peakboard, you have a number of options for processing your machine data, such as with an MQTT server or a cloud-based IoT hub (e.g., from Azure or Google). Through the integrated Siemens S7 interface, you can connect your Peakboard Box directly to an S7 controller. As a result, not only can you communicate machine data in real time, but you can also link it with more data from other Peakboard data sources, including from SAP, your MES, or through OPC UA.

You will find more information on our helpsite about the Siemens S7 data connection.

Siemens S7 Visualisierung mit Peakboard

With the Peakboard Designer, you can directly connect the Siemens S7 controller for further data processing.

direct communication

S7 process data visualization.

The use cases for your visualization with Peakboard are numerous. For example, in production you can visualize a die butter controlled by a Siemens S7 on a dashboard and display faults directly, as a kind of decentralized fault-reporting system.

On our Templatesite, you will find free templates and examples for visualizing your Siemens S7 process data.

this way to get an overview of the data connections.