visualize SQL data

create your customized SQL dashboard.

real-time data

Visualize your data from any SQL database automatically in real time or at a time interval that you specify.

construct complex queries

Peakboard supports complex SQL statements and queries for effortless processing and visualization of your SQL data.

high degree of individualization

Thanks to numerous features and functions, you can create meaningful visualizations, implement customized logic in your dashboard, and make it interactive.

illuminate your SQL data using Peakboard

instant clarity.

Peakboard illuminates your operational SQL process data and maps it together with other data from many different data sources in real time. This allows you to make faster, more informed decisions and determine appropriate measures.

Peakboard offers you a high degree of scalability and customization when designing your SQL dashboard. Link your SQL database directly with the Peakboard Designer and create your dashboard with your corporate design. By using individual SQL queries, you can work with already filtered real-time data before tackling the graphic design.  

In addition to your SQL database, you can also connect, edit, link, and aggregate a variety of other data sources. Even without extensive programming knowledge, you can easily create user-defined queries thanks to integrated low-code functions. This way, you can always keep an eye on critical information and changes.

Easily connect, filter, and display SQL data with Peakboard Designer.

You can find more information about the SQL data connection on our helpsite SQL data source.

direct communication

easy and in real time.

The Peakboard Box communicates directly with the SQL database, without any middleware. You have direct access to the tables and views you have defined for your visualization in the Peakboard Designer. You can also write data back to your SQL database. Peakboard Hub comes with its own SQL database.

In our templates, you’ll find free templates for your SQL dashboard, such as this template for the real-time visualization of current order data or SQL server data.

this way to get an overview of the data connections.