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all-in-one solution for your needs

easily capture, visualize, and interact with your data.

create your dashboard

Extract data from various data sources, manipulate them for your purposes and create a customized visualization. Add logic to your dashboard and use interactive elements without programming!

communicate your data in real-time

Quickly and easily pull relevant data from a wide variety of sources, visualize it, and transfer it to screens in real time.

Reach a higher degree of individuality through extensive features and display possibilities.

“Clear software that is easy to understand. Very clear and tidy software. The administration is clear after just a few clicks and the software can be configured and administered quickly and easily.”

Sven H.

Software Developer

“Very flexible and simple solution with wide applications. Used in various areas of production and logistics together with SAP and non-ERP data. Fully integrable with many standard interfaces and high flexibility for development.”

Martin L.

Head of IT EMEA

“Dashboards are easy to create and has good Data Source options. A good interface between machines, visual signals and software representation.”


Pradhyumna R.

Industrial Engineer

why Peakboard?

see what you're missing out.

connect and process data

With Peakboard you can connect different data, process it and visualize it on individual dashboards. Peakboard provides a fast and easy-to-understand representation of complex data, so that you can keep an eye on your key figures in real time.

update intervals individually

Define the intervals at which your connected interfaces should be updated:
From daily to hourly to real-time display, it’ s all possible.

write back data

With Peakboard you can not only read, process and visualize your data – writing back data is also no problem.

collect new data

With Peakboard Edge in combination with Peakboard Enterprise, you can visualize data that is not yet available digitally in order to input and output the information you need via switches, scanners, or sensors. This way, you can retrofit even older machines without any hassle.

analyze data

Store your data centrally via Peakboard Hub and process it further, for example, to use it in your BI tool for long-term evaluations.

access data from anywhere

Peakboard Web Access allows you to easily access your Peakboard Boxes via the web browser, both on your desktop PC and on your mobile device. This allows you to see a screenshot of your visualization, execute predefined functions, or adjust variables and values on the dashboard from the comfort of your desktop or on the go. You can also upload files to the Peakboard Box via Web Access to quickly and easily share an image or PDF document on your dashboard.

direct connection

there are countless data sources
waiting for you.

the ultimate solution for you

3 simple steps.

download Peakboard Designer!

The Peakboard Designer is completely free and has no time or functional restrictions. Get started immediately, no account creation required without any risks or initial costs.

get started right away!

After the download you can start immediately with your visualization! Create your ultimate dashboard, use the existing interfaces, connect your data, process it and visualize it the way you want.

get in touch!

Contact us and we will tell you
how you can make your production and logistics more efficient only by connecting our Peakboard Box!

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For the Peakboard Designer you only need a PC with at least Windows 10

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