digitize data

Peakboard Edge.

The interface between input and output devices with a direct connection and digital data provision.

technical data.

With Peakboard Edge, you can visualize data from your production and logistics that is not even digitally available yet. To achieve this, you connect your Peakboard Box Enterprise to Peakboard Edge in order to input or output the information you need directly via external devices such as switches, barcode scanners, light barriers or signal lights. This way, you can retrofit your existing machines without interfering with the plant control system and thus without losing your CE certification.

Terminal strip (IN):
4 x power outputs (3.3 V) and 4 power inputs each 

Terminal strip (OUT):
4 x switchable power pins (up to 24 V) and 1 input

2 x USB
1 x micro USB
1 x RJ45 (Ethernet)

Peakboard Edge: 100 mm x 83 mm x 46.25 mm
Rail mount: 121.5 mm x 104.5 mm x 2 mm

what is Peakboard?

Peakboard communicates data from all kinds of different data sources to monitors simply, efficiently and individually – and all that in real time. This means that employees at all levels and business divisions can keep an eye on not only their most important indicators but also the ongoing processes, so they can work more independently and efficiently. In production and logistics, there are applications that require a quick input and output of information to make the processes as efficient as possible.

what is Peakboard Edge?

Peakboard Edge can directly input and output information through external devices. Peakboard Edge does not communicate via a display to do this. Instead, it is always connected to a Peakboard Box Enterprise. Input information, e.g. from switches, buttons, barcode scanners, RFID readers and light barriers, is directly relayed to the Peakboard Box via Peakboard Edge and processed there. Output information is sent from the Peakboard Box to Peakboard Edge and displayed via signal lights or sound boxes, for example. Using Peakboard Edge substantially reduces the data processing and transmission time (latency) and makes the visualization more flexible. The data flow occurs via LAN or Wi-Fi.

use case

production I.

Fault messages are communicated directly to the shift supervisor via a button connected to Peakboard Edge.

use case

production II.

Using a light barrier connected to Peakboard Edge, production units are directly counted and visualized in a target/actual comparison.

use case

logistics I.

Signal lights connected to Peakboard Edge are attached to the factory gates. When a truck arrives at the gate, the Peakboard Box pulls the information on the availability of the respective gate from the logistics system and relays it to Peakboard Edge. Peakboard Edge displays the availability via the signal light.

use case

logistics II.

The warehouse employee scans the EAN code on a package with an EAN code scanner connected to Peakboard Edge. Peakboard Edge sends the information to the Peakboard Box, which displays the corresponding pallet space on the screen.

frequently asked questions.

The operating system is Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and does not allow for the installation of additional components. In addition to the operating system, only Peakboard-Runtime runs on the Peakboard Box.

The Peakboard Box can be integrated into the network both via WiFi and LAN cable. Due to its more stable connection, we prefer customers to use the LAN cable. The device behaves like a normal Windows client within the network. The setup and configuration are done via the Peakboard Designer. If needed, Peakboard Boxes can also be integrated into your domains.

The Peakboard Box will require a power connection (USB with an appropriate current strength is included) and a connection to the network (LAN cable or WiFi). In addition, you need a monitor of your choice with an HDMI connection for the output of your visualization. To install our Peakboard Designer software, we recommend a Windows 10 client.

The data is only cached locally (on the Peakboard Box) and only very briefly (normally for just a few minutes). If a larger, better, longer caching is desired, it makes sense to add a database of your choice to the circuit. Depending on the architecture, this can be a practical solution.

Yes, a detailed log is created. Both by the operating system and by Peakboard-Runtime.

This can be set up however you like. From real time to times anywhere between 5 seconds and several days, everything is possible. It depends on the use case.

Data privacy and data security are very important to us at Peakboard! We do not pass on any data to third parties that is acquired through the use of our software. Of course, cloud-based interfaces are the exception. Due to function-related transmissions, depending on the data source, data is also transmitted to Microsoft (OneDrive, etc.), for example. Otherwise, the exchange of data only occurs within the interfaces used for visualization (e.g. in the SAP system).
As with other Window clients, user accounts are protected by a password. The legal policy of the Windows operating system applies. On the Peakboard Box, Windows Defender actively protects the operating system. Passwords are encrypted when transmitting visualizations to the Peakboard Box. Access restrictions at the network level should also be made by the customer.

We normally release an update about once a month. However, in most cases, it is not necessary to always install all the updates. We recommend 2-3 times a year or to install updates when there is a specific need, such as due to a bug fix or when a specific new feature is required. Should there be a security-related problem that must be fixed with an update, we will tell you proactively. You can find all the information on the latest updates here.

Yes. This is another area where Peakboard shines!
The contents are freely selectable, so they offer you a very high degree of freedom.

Every Peakboard Box is delivered with an administrator user. The administrator can set up as many users as you like on every Peakboard Box. Each user can then be assigned a role with definable authorizations. On our helpsite you will find further information on user management. You can find an overview of the data connections here.

The Peakboard Designer features a preview mode that you can use for testing. Alternatively, you can also set up a separate Peakboard Box and conduct tests with it. That is rather unusual, as the preview mode meets all requirements.
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