Visualization solutions as simpleand flexible as never before!

Whether it’s an Andon Board, dynamic digital signage, a dashboard, or any other visual management instrument, Peakboard provides a visualization solution that is ready for operation in no time. You only need three things: your PC, a (large) screen and the Peakboard-Box. Here’s what you don’t need: support from IT or another department, IT know-how, programming or design skills, and time.

Peakboard simplifies data processing enormously.
Compared to conventional visualization solutions.

The path of the data from the source – e.g., an ERP system or a storage software (logistics) – through to visualization – e.g., on an LED screen or Andon Board – is long and elaborate. Over the course of many steps, the data has to be extracted, stored, cleaned, prepared for visualization, transformed and finally transmitted to the LED screen or Andon Board. This doesn’t just sound like it’s time and cost-intensive – it really is.

Peakboard technology compared to conventional visualization solutions

Peakboard “fetches” the data directly from the source and visualizes it on the big screen.

Peakboard provides all the necessary components for the aggregation of data from various sources (e.g., ERP systems) and visualization in real-time. Without installation. And without the need for a central server, as each Peakboard visualizes the data independently. The entire Peakboard technology is housed in a small aluminum box about the size of a smartphone. A combination of hardware and software: the Peakboard.

Only Peakboard works this efficiently.

Peakboard directly accesses a data source, e.g. an ERP or storage program via WLAN, aggregates the data for visualization, and transmits it via an HDMI cable to a big screen on the wall. Data and visualizations can be adapted at any time. Single-handedly on the PC or notebook. Outside help is not necessary. Peakboard is an absolutely self-sufficient solution which also makes the user independent.

Five good reasons to use Peakboard:
Easy. Flexible. Self-sufficient. Dynamic. Economical.



Peakboard impresses with its unique user-friendliness. Even non-IT users can easily install and use Peakboard. The application is intuitive and self-explanatory. The graphics program Peakboard-Designer offers you numerous functions. Your professional visualization solution is ready for operation in the shortest time. Advantage: You are not limited to external support from IT, designers, and others. This simplicity makes you independent and flexible while saving costs.



Peakboard comes with professional interfaces that you can configure with just a few clicks. You can also create other software interfaces with the Peakboard-Designer.

Peakboard therefore offers a very broad range of applications. With Peakboard, for example, any dynamic digital signage solutions can be generated with data from sources such as SAP, NAV, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Data from ERP or CRM applications can also be visualized through the machine data of different manufacturers. This makes Peakboard much more flexible than traditional visual management tools such as Andon Boards and Heijunka Boards.

You have targeted access to exactly the data you need. Whether it’s an automatic warning when a machine or hall door is faulty. Whether it’s information about desired or actual conditions, or the balance between order backlogs and personnel. Whether it’s KPIs or inventories. Thanks to numerous interfaces, you can use Peakboard to visualize almost all data and business processes.



Peakboard doesn’t require any external IT infrastructure (e.g., a server). As a framework, Peakboard offers a fully programmable and extensible program logic as a developer. Peakboard provides you with plenty of tools for individual solutions in the visualization and connection of feeder-systems. You can also link Peakboard to an existing IT infrastructure. This enables all business processes along the value chain to be connected, monitored and optimized – for example in areas such as “Industry 4.0” and the “Internet of Things”.



Adapt your content dynamically. Peakboard is an open system in which you can make changes at short notice and, above all, on your own. Whether it’s an automatic warning message in the event of a flight or train connection mishap, a short-term advertising campaign to mark a current event, or an ad hoc gastronomical offer.



Less complexity, less cost. Peakboard is favorable compared to conventional professional visualization solutions. The price includes hardware, software, as well as a 24/7 hardware replacement when necessary.

Plug N Play

Get off to a quick start and see results in the shortest time, with ready-made Peakboard templates and interfaces.

Social Media Integration

Use all content from well-known social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram.

ERP Integration

Design visual management with data from ERP platforms such as SAP, Dynamics NAV and others.

Interface Functionality

Easily link any other system to Peakboard with JSon, XML, CSV and OData using a web service.

Dynamic Content

Easily integrate information from the web: Weather, public transport, news, markets and more.

Cloud Service Integration

Visualize data from the cloud: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Azure, Amazon Web Services, etc.

MES Integration

Communicate the data from production control systems and Industry 4.0 sensors easily and in real-time.

Scripting Technology

Use XAML and JavaScript to flexibly adapt and automate Peakboard for your own needs.

Dynamic Control

Allow the content to react to external events or control them manually via the Peakboard app.

Multi Document Integration

Use different documents easily and quickly: PDF, Google Docs, Excel, etc.

BI Integration

Simply use Business Intelligence data and dashboards from Tableau, Power BI, Qlik and others.

Database Connectivity

Use the direct access to databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Azure SQL and others.