Knowing the current target/actual states of order processing without latency, operating efficient store floor management or setting up an MES? With Peakboard, you digitize and network your entire production – quickly and easily.

Andon board – ensure transparency in your production.

Digital andon boards visualize error messages and illuminate the production progress, capacity utilization, and inventory management for all individuals on the shop floor in a way that is clearly-arranged and comprehensible. With an andon board by Peakboard you can light up your machine data and put it in the spotlight. As soon as an error appears, the issue is communicated to employees so that they can respond in no time at all.

Comprehensive insight into series production.

With Peakboard, you digitize and cross-link the production processes of your series production. Whether ERP systems such as SAP or machine data via OPC UA, display a wide variety of data individually and in real time. For shift schedules and production figures, machine utilization plans and downtimes as well as material availability. For more efficiency and improved quality.

Digital bulletin board for optimized manufacturing communication.

Improve communication and efficiency on your shop floor with the interactive digital bulletin board from Peakboard. Get a clear overview of all important production information and metrics. The intuitive interface also allows you to easily design shift schedules for your team.

Interactive worker assistance system.

Optimize your assembly processes with the interactive worker assistance system from Peakboard. Precise instructions and real-time information enable error-free assembly jobs, while onboarding new team members becomes more efficient and cost-saving.

Shop floor analysis with Microsoft Power BI.

Operational excellence aims for a company-wide increase in effectiveness and efficiency. Process management or more specifically process analysis is an essential component of operational excellence, for which you need transparent processes. With Peakboard, you not only make your current processes visible in real-time and therefore optimizable. You can also write your shop floor process data in Peakboard Hub as a central database for further analysis in Microsoft Power BI.

Teamboard for an efficient shop floor management meeting.

In an analog shop floor team meeting, with a physical whiteboard set up, information is often getting lost or quickly outdated. With our digital shop floor meeting board you’re always up to date and one step closer to paperless manufacturing.

Transparent production data in job production.

Improve your job production easily with shining Peakboard dashboards! Light up your production data on displays directly on the shop floor and organize the communication of your data even more efficiently. Connect a wide range of data sources and keep an overview of all production processes at all times.

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