Plug & Play Andon BoardVisual Management in the Serial Production

Andon Board Principle and Why Peakboard Makes the Difference.

As part of the Toyota Production System, Andon is a method of visual management. This is a simple light signal to indicate functions and processes on a machine or the entire supply chain. Both the Andon Board and the Andon Cord, which have been differentiated in further development, serve as a Toyota display of the problem location, where a signal is triggered automatically or manually and help is called to solve the problem by colleagues or superiors. On the Andon Board, this is usually done by means of a prominently placed illuminated display.

Andon systems help to optimize production in series production by providing clarity and standardizing processes. In the age of digitalization, industry 4.0 and lean production, the visualization of complex data and communication between man and machine is becoming increasingly important. That's why you should use Peakboard to present your machine data in a meaningful way. Visualize the most diverse data, such as production progress, plant utilization and merchandise management for all concerned persons on the shop floor in a clear and understandable way on modern, digital Andon Boards. Best of all, even before a fault occurs, you can see it remotely on your company's Andon Boards and react appropriately at an early stage to avoid downtimes, material shortages or production losses. Regardless of the size of your displays – whether large-screen display, monitor or tablet – with the flexible data connection, you can easily dock your existing IT systems and machines to Peakboard using Plug & Play a system and provide your employees with real-time information.

Compact, Digital Andon Board.

Lean Production Display with Peakboard in the Shortest Time.

With the all-in-one solution from Peakboard, consisting of hardware and software, you have a simple and secure tool to implement your visualization in production in a flexible and freely configurable way. Use the Peakboard-Designer to integrate data from your machines and systems as well as pre-systems such as ERP, MES and PPS and visualize them in your corporate design, with one of the included templates or make your own. Simply select the desired data connection, create a visualization and transfer it to the Peakboard-Box. Then your Andon Board is ready!

With Peakboard you have an inexpensive, maximum flexible solution at your disposal. Quickly and immediately applicable for companies of any size and type. Through the completely freely configurable visualization of Andon Boards and the manual interactions of the employees, you can support your Lean Production optimally. You can freely define events and rules and decide for yourself which information from your data sources is really relevant and decisive for your company's production. Use Peakboard as a visualization and motivation system for your employees to minimize losses and downtime in your production, achieve more self-management and create more effectiveness.

One Solution, many Applications.

Peakboard combines the simplicity and flexibility of a digital signage application with the complexity of business process data and metrics.

Andon Board – Targeted Information for all Areas of Production.

With Peakboard you can create more than "just" Andon Boards. Plant and machine operators on the shop floor will have all relevant information about KPIs, shift operation and target achievement in view. Managers will see the target/actual comparison and the overall process, so that they can redistribute employees on the shop floor in good time. The management can inform itself at any time about process optimization in general or in detail. You can freely decide whether you want to display all information on one screen only or on several screens, which can be changed by means of a freely definable interval. With Peakboard you get the flexibility you want.

Interactive buttons enable you to manually or automatically write process changes back to your source system. This saves you time and ensures that the data is always up-to-date. Both on the monitor and in your database.

Your Advantages with Peakboard at a Glance.

  • Digital Andon Boards
  • Plug & Play connectivity
  • Freely configurable
  • Rewriting to the source system
  • Easy
  • Flexible
  • All-in-one solution
  • Cost-effective
  • Support / Webinar offer
  • Free Peakboard-Designer download
  • Templates
  • Corporate design use possible