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andon board
visual management in series manufacturing.

andon board

solution overview.

many different data sources

Connect to many different data sources for many different use cases.

individual visualizations

Visualize important information on KPIs, shift work, and target achievement at a glance.

real-time information

Receive error messages in real time and react immediately to process disruptions.

cost efficiency

Save time and money by reducing downtimes.


React flexibly to process changes and new requirements.

easy dashboard creation

Configure and implement your digital andon board quickly and easily.

process optimization with a system

transparency in production –
make your production status visible.

Digital andon boards don’t just visualize error messages, they also illuminate the production progress, capacity utilization, and inventory management for everyone on the shop floor in a way that is clear and easy to understand. As soon as an error appears, the issue is communicated to employees, so they can respond in no time at all. This helps to avoid downtime, material shortages, or production outages. When availability, performance, and quality increase, it has a positive effect on the OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) as well.   

With Peakboard, you can illuminate your machine data and put it in the spotlight. In the process, you can decide for yourself whether all of the information should be displayed on one screen or if the dashboards should alternate at your pre-selected intervals.   

System and machine operators on the shop floor receive important information about KPIs, shift work, and target achievement immediately. For managers, target-performance comparisons or the overall process are illuminated, allowing them to send employees to the shop floor at the right place and at the right time. Management can use an additional dashboard to get information about process optimization in general or in detail. Flexible, illuminating, and simple, right?   

Through interactive buttons, you can also rewrite process changes manually or automatically in your source system. This saves time and ensures that your data is always up to date. Both, on the monitor and in your database. 

need more perspective?

Peakboard will help you see the light.

With our all-in-one solution of hardware and software, we are offering you a simple and secure tool to implement your visualization in production in a flexible and freely configurable way.   

Simply create a visualization in the free Peakboard Designer, select the desired data connection, and transfer the visualization to the Peakboard Box and the monitor. Your andon board is ready! It doesn’t matter what kind of data you want to bring to light. You can choose whether to use one of our prepared templates or to configure your dashboard according to your individual needs. Define your events and rules and decide for yourself which data sources are relevant for your company.  

Peakboard is individual, flexible, and can be implemented as quick as lightning. No matter what type of company, no matter the size of the company, the completely freely configurable visualization of andon boards and manual interaction with your employees is why Peakboard provides optimal support to your lean production. Use Peakboard as a visualization and motivation system for your employees to minimize losses and downtime in production. For more self-management and more effectiveness. For bright minds, little stars, and big lights. 

smart production made easy

all-in-one andon system.

Discover Peakboard Edge! We offer you everything you need to easily digitalize your production processes! Communicate machine failures immediately via an industrial switch that you connect to Peakboard Edge. Or install a signal light on your production line so that everyone on the shopfloor can see immediately when a machine is down. Need both? No problem! With Peakboard and Peakboard Edge, you can connect external devices in a snap, whether it’s switches, barcode scanners or andon lights.

spotlight on!

andon – more than a little light.

The andon system is rooted in Japan, where it was originally part of the production system at Toyota. In Japanese, an ‘andon’ describes a paper lamp, but today’s meaning describes an important tool in visual management. As a visual system, it displays both functions and processes and disturbances and errors in production at a glance. A signal can be triggered automatically or manually to alarm employees and supervisors so that they can react quickly and correct the error.  

These days, this error notification generally occurs by means of an illuminated display that is placed prominently in production and brings information out of the darkness, which creates clarity and transparency and optimizes series production.   

In the age of digitalization, Industry 4.0 and lean management, simple visualization of complex data and communication between people and machines become more and more important. Digital andon boards now bring all the necessary information and key figures to light.   

matching templates

andon board.

Here you’ll find some templates for your individual andon board that you can download directly. Whether you want to get an overview of one production line or several, we have the right template for you. 

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