area of application

illuminated production data in job production.

visualize production data for job production

solution overview.

many different data sources

Connect data sources and systems such as Excel, ERP systems like SAP or MES like Siemens S7 easily and simultaneously.

individual visualizations

Visualize important information on KPIs, order status, and target achievement at a glance.

real-time information

Receive real-time error messages and react immediately to process disruptions.

cost efficiency

Save time and money through shorter downtimes and increased production quality.


Respond flexibly to process changes and new requirements.

easy dashboard creation

Configure and implement your dashboard quickly and easily.

efficiently visualize production data!

A data visualization tool
for your job production.

Easily improve your project and job production with Peakboard! Illuminate your production data on displays directly on the shop floor and organize the communication of your data even more efficiently. 

With Peakboard, you get an overview of important process information and steps: of operating statuses, machine information and disturbances, key quality figures for visual and functional tests, key manufacturing figures, cycle times and downtimes, even recording error quotas, production data and order data, information about work safety, audits, personnel planning, or team performance.  

Thanks to improved communication, you will reduce errors, downtime, and costs and ensure that your manufacturing quality will be high and your delivery on time. Employees on the shop floor get a better overview of the current manufacturing situation in real time and can make more targeted decisions about what measures to take more quickly and easily, helping to achieve your quality and production goals – a crucial factor for improving efficiency in every industry! 

production dashboard

communication that enlightens.

One of Peakboard’s important components is its proprietary hardware, the Peakboard Box, which makes direct communication with the selected data sources possible. The other part of Peakboard is our software, the Peakboard Designer. With it, you get software that is easy to operate and allows your dashboards to be quickly created with impressive flexibility, freely configured and agilely adapted to changing processes in manufacturing in the future. Design your dashboards freehand or use our templates – in your corporate design to boot. 

Not only is Peakboard especially secure and easy to use, you will also save time and money in comparison to systems that require more maintenance, such as IT solutions that use a web server and visualization in a browser. 

Whether you want to communicate directly with SAP using RFC, display your BDE or MES data using JSON or XML, connect your ERP data using the Microsoft Dynamics NAV or load a manually updated Excel sheet – with Peakboard, you can illuminate various data from source systems and machines simultaneously and in real time, directly at the production station on your shop floor! 

And you don’t need a cloud connection or data staging area, no elaborate ETL process or complicated accessories, just a LAN or WiFi connection. Useful, right?

constant increases in efficiency

illuminatingly simple with Peakboard.

Today, increased focus on customers and individualization of the solutions to be delivered has presented the job production industry with entirely new challenges. More complex products, shorter cycle times, important deadlines, and streamlined resource utilization influence the necessary quality of the procurement, material planning, manufacturing, and assembly processes. To adequately react to the changed requirements for the structure of production systems, suitable production concepts, such as lean manufacturing, must be used. To structure the value chain effectively and efficiently, with step-by-step optimization and constant improvement of the interim steps, clear communication between all levels of production and hierarchies is essential. The Peakboard solution offers you all of this, paired with optimal individuality. Why not try it for yourself? 

matching templates

for a quick introduction
to your first visualization.

Here you’ll find some templates for your first visualization. Download the right template for free, and get started!

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