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OKR – agile management for more employee motivation.

OKR (objectives & key results)

solution overview.

many different data sources

Communicate data that is relevant to your employees – no matter from which data sources and systems.

individual visualizations

Inform employees transparently about goals and progresses on individual dashboards.

real-time information

Get direct feedback on actions, measures, and process progress.

cost efficiency

Optimize processes and save money through greater transparency.


Respond flexibly to process changes and new requirements.

easy dashboard creation

Create your customized OKR dashboard quickly and easily.

leadership for bright minds

transparent goals for focused and motivated employees.

Most employees, from workers to the head of IT, are inundated with a flood of tasks, not least by modern communication tools. That sometimes makes it difficult to maintain an overview or even to prioritize tasks reasonably. 

One way to bring light into the darkness is to place OKR dashboards where all employees in the organization can easily see them. After all, when an employee knows what goal they are working towards with their current task and what progress is achieved, they are more focused and motivated. Illuminating, right? 

With Peakboard it is very easy to visibly communicate exactly this information quickly and in real time to every employee. In the Peakboard Designer, individual dashboards can be created to easily visualize the data that really matters. No matter the data sources and source systems. So that every employee can see the light. 

from vision to implementation

strategic goals
become operative goals.

The OKR method begins with the company vision, which is typically defined by management. The OKRs are then derived from the vision by the employees themselves. Every employee asks themselves how they can best contribute to the success of the company and the achievement of the vision. The formulated goals become part of goal-setting, and results are regularly discussed and analyzed in feedback discussions. This involves employees in strategic tasks, which helps them feel trusted and valued. Motivating, right? 

The decisive factor is that goals are clearly communicated and progress is tracked openly for all employees. On illuminated dashboards directly in the warehouse or in production. All data sources that contribute to progress are constantly connected live to the respective dashboards. 

management methods

OKR methods for modern
personnel management.

Behind the term ‘objectives and key results,’ or OKR for short, you’ll find an agile management method that many of the major players in the USA have promoted for years and that has become more and more popular in Germany. Many proponents even believe it is one reason for the lasting success of companies like Google, Intel, and many others. 

The objective is a qualitative goal that an entire plant, division, or team defines for itself. One example would be an increase in performance in a certain sector. The important part: The dimensions of the objective must be clear for all participants, but it should not be explicitly measurable.

The key results on the other hand are specific and measurable, three of which are allocated to each objective. They clearly define the criteria for achieving the goal. In the processes, they are based on things that are measurable, such as growth, revenue, participation, or performance. 

When employees aren’t just informed about the current goal, but also about the strategy towards the goal, they see more sense in each of the steps to reach it. Formulating the goals together also makes it easier for them to concentrate on what is really important and urgent. 

matching dashboards

OKR dashboard.

Here you’ll find some templates for your individual dashboards that you can download directly and customize for your needs. However you like.

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