area of application

shop floor analysis
with Microsoft Power BI

analyzing shop floor data

solution overview.

many interfaces

Connect various data sources and systems, such as OPC UA, MES, and MQTT, for different use cases.

flexible analysis with Power BI

Detailed view of historical shop floor data and analysis with MS Power BI.

central collection of shop floor data

Collect and save shop floor data centrally, and use it in Peakboard Hub as a central database.

cost efficiency

Save time and money with flexible BI analysis of shop floor data.


Respond with flexibility to process changes and new requirements.


Gather new operating data quickly and easily and create a Power BI dashboard.

from analyzing shop floor data to operational excellence

operational excellence through detailed data analysis.

Operational excellence aims for a company-wide increase in effectiveness and efficiency. Processes and systems throughout the company should be continually optimized in order to reduce loss and waste. As a result, productivity and quality increase while costs decrease. Process management is an essential component of operational excellence in a company.

What does operational excellence have to do with Peakboard?

Process management means that process data is analyzed for abnormalities and optimization potential in order to derive recommendations for action. In order to perform the analysis, the processes must first be transparent.

With Peakboard, you not only make your current processes visible in real-time and therefore optimizable. You can also write your shop floor process data in Peakboard Hub as a central database for further analysis, no matter whether it is collected manually via production data acquisition or automatically via PLC or MQTT.

To analyze your persistently stored shop floor data, you can use the business intelligence tool Power BI from Microsoft which you easily set up on the existing database in Peakboard Hub.

In conjunction with MS Power BI, Peakboard gives you the ability to capture, store, and evaluate your shop floor data professionally and easily. After all, transparency about your shop floor data is what ensures operational excellence in your company.

quickly implement your own analysis requirements

easy data collection with Peakboard and analysis with Power BI.

With Peakboard Box, Peakboard Hub, and Microsoft Power BI as an integrated system, you have everything you need to analyze your shop floor data quickly, easily, and customized to suit your requirements. Depending on your use case, Peakboard offers you a variety of interfaces that allow you to visualize data from a wide range of sources on your dashboard. This not only enables you to easily connect already existing data, such as from your PLC, but also to capture new data through production data acquisition or by retrofitting your machines. It’s easy with Peakboard Edge, for example. With Peakboard Edge, you can input or output the information you need directly from external devices such as switches, barcode scanners, photoelectric sensors, and signal lights – all without intervening in the system control.

To analyze the generated data, you simply save it centrally with Peakboard Hub and then evaluate it flexibly in Power BI.

This gives specialist departments a simple edge computing solution to create quick analyses directly and implement new requirements immediately and independently.

get started right away

with Peakboard.

download and test the software.

With our powerful free visualization software, you can immediately start bringing your projects to life.

You can even modify complex visualizations freely and flexibly.
A wide selection of interfaces to many different data sources and possible functions help you create your visualization.

the right templates

inspiration for your visualization.

With Peakboard, you create your own customized dashboard that perfectly suits your needs. Whether you want to keep track of a single machine or entire production lines, or create a comprehensive visualization system in real time – it’s all up to you. On our templatesite, you will find a wide variety of templates that you can use for your visualization.

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