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These days, you are confronted with a wide range of challenges in series production: shorter and shorter innovation cycles, faster delivery times, more individual products, and shorter production cycles. On top of that, the flood of data keeps getting bigger, whether from machine utilization, personnel capacity, or logistics. Data must be processed and prepared as well as possible to help everyone understand it, to minimize risks, ensure that standards are met, and create transparency across departments.   

Peakboard, the all-in-one solution that includes both hardware and software, helps you to illuminate your data and production processes effectively and transparently. With our software, the Peakboard Designer, you can illuminate many different kinds of data individually and clearly in real time. From shift schedules to production numbers and machine layouts to downtimes and material availabilities. Whether ERP systems like SAP or machine data per OPC UA.   

Thanks to the visual depiction of your key figures, you will achieve optimal utilization of all production facilities and the best possible manufacturing and material flow planning. Through smart networking of various data, target-performance deviations can be recognized right away, making it easier for you to take action promptly. Peakboard is perfectly adapted to the needs of series manufacturing, giving you a clear competitive advantage in all production processes – whether logistics, production, or assembly. 

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In the days of Industry 4.0, smart factories, and mass customization, series production is more dependent than ever on IT-supported optimization and perfect coordination of all processes to meet the ever-increasing requirements. Quality should be continuously improved, changeover time and costs minimized, and cycle times shortened. Peakboard helps you with process monitoring and increases your economic efficiency.  

Peakboard is an inexpensive and secure tool that displays many different data types from MES and ERP systems, SAP, Excel, and many more completely automatically in the form of tables, diagrams, or interactive buttons. Thanks to real-time visualizations, production lines can be optimally utilized and material can be successfully used according to just-in-time or just-in-sequence principles, increasing turnover and keeping the data quality of your series production high.  

Peakboard is suited for companies of every size and type and enlightens employees on site with real-time information. Use Peakboard as a visualization and motivation system across departments, to manage quality assurance, increase process stability, and assess and eliminate possible risks before they occur. Using interactive buttons, you also have the opportunity to manually or automatically rewrite process changes in the source system, ensuring that your data is always current. 

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