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Particularly at the site of value creation, there is an opportunity to use digitalization to create new milestones in the continuous improvement process of a company. 

Standardized visual management doesn’t just create a transparent exchange of information, but also illuminates communication in the most efficient way for uniform understanding across different department levels.  

With Peakboard, operational processes can be structured so that a uniform view of the entire production line is possible. Shop floor management with Peakboard helps to make efficient decisions by coordinating employees and managers on the basis of quality indicators, such as production quality and security. 

Key figures such as OEE, downtime, target-performance comparisons and scrap rates can be displayed across a defined time period any way you like. Through clear monitoring and reporting, such as the current order status, cycle times, operating data, machine disturbances, disturbance information or machine histories, ongoing production processes are transparently illuminated. This means that problems can be recognized early on and measures to eliminate them can be introduced directly by the responsible employees.  

Through standardized calculations of our visualization software, the Peakboard Designer, it is possible to display automated real-time processes with key performance indicators, so that you always have an overview of your shop floor.

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Totally tailored to your needs, Peakboard shines new light on your production and processes. Connections are clearly illuminated for employees and problems are recognized sooner, reducing errors in production. At the same time, this helps to positively influence turnover. 

Often, key figures and analyses are tediously collected, printed, and handed out. Peakboard can help save you time and money. Complex data, processes, and key figures: With Peakboard, everything is displayed directly on digital screens – and in real time! 

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Here you’ll find some templates for your individual shop floor board that you can download for free.

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