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Who doesn’t like a warm welcome? With a personalized visitor greeting awaiting them in the foyer, your guests will know right away that you are expecting them. This gives every visitor an immediate overview of the most important information for them to know about the appointment and company. With an infoscreen from Peakboard, your visitors’ wait times will feel shorter. Easily display information about your company, daily news, or information about the weather on a screen. 

But that’s not all: You can also use our dynamic digital signage solution as a program overview and management system for events. And when things are a bit dicey, you can display safety information. At employee meetings, the monitor in the reception area can be used as a presentation surface – in your corporate design to boot. Illuminating, right? 

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Digital signage sounds complicated? With the software from Peakboard, the Peakboard Designer, initially setting up your welcome screen isn’t hard at all. The content is easy to create and can be administered individually. Manual or automatic changes make it possible for you to access many uses in your own corporate design. 

No matter what data you want to connect to your welcome screen, whether Word, Excel, PDF, groupware solutions like Microsoft Exchange or special systems for controlling access to your entrance, Peakboard makes it possible. Peakboard will make your reception area, your side entrance, or your conference room shine. Sounds cool? You bet it is. 

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Here you’ll find some templates for your individual welcome screen that you can download for free.  

Let your visitors know you are expecting them through a personal address via a customized welcome screen. Best of all, with an overview of the most important information related to their appointment. With a Peakboard welcome screen, you can easily display practical information about the company, news and weather, making your visitors’ eyes shine as soon as they arrive. 

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