Corporate Digital Signagefor Corporate News

Corporate news on the walls in departments.

In shortest time with Peakboard as Corporate Digital Signage even provided.

What does my company stand for? Why am I working here? Am I satisfied with that? As a senior manager, you can use a range of extrinsic measures, such as money, status, and amenities, to ensure your team is constantly highly motivated and constantly delivers good results. But for motivated employees with ambitious targets to meet, there’s something else that’s important too: identification with what they and their colleagues do each and every day.

Leverage internal corporate digital signage messages to ensure employees are able to identify more with the company and their colleagues and feel like they’re a part of the big picture.

Use Peakboard to visualize interesting, useful, and relevant information about the company and the people who make it work. New colleagues, birthdays, promotions, in-house events, training courses, key figures, corporate goals, new clients, sales successes, developments or projects. Allow other departments to share in your team’s and colleagues’ achievements. And allow your employees to see the big picture.

Employees want to identify with their company.

Help them do this with your corporate digital signage!

Use Peakboard to create cross-department corporate news as digital signage in your corporate design. Simply, swiftly, efficiently. Use simple means to improve the working atmosphere and internal communication, enhance the flow of information between departments, and thereby heighten identification with the company.

What new job vacancies do we have? Are we all meeting monthly targets? What do we still need to do as a team to achieve this? Which training courses still have spaces? Which company sports club is looking for people to join them? Which customer projects can we be proud of? Just a few simple internal memos can boost the sharing of ideas and experiences and enhance the corporate culture.

Peakboard is a particularly flexible solution for this. Whether automated data from the HR department or Excel or Dropbox content maintained manually by the reception team, you can use Peakboard to single-handedly create digital signage corporate news in next to no time. Simple initial set-up and content that can be easily and particularly flexibly managed enable you to use the solution as a corporate publishing platform.

Whether Word, Excel, PDF, or a direct connection to groupware, ERP, CRM, or HR systems, thanks to open interfaces, Peakboard can be integrated in your existing IT infrastructure. Since Peakboard is a universal digital signage solution for the visualization of any content, there are no limits to the kind of employee communication you can design. That’s a promise!

One Solution, many Applications.

Peakboard combines the simplicity and flexibility of a digital signage application with the complexity of business process data and metrics.

Advantages for internal communication

  • Improve internal communication with corporate digital signage
  • Extended functions and information for the POI, e.g. social media and weather
  • Fast initial set-up, easy-to-manage content
  • Create any number of templates with your corporate design and individual content
  • Automatic changes to content, e.g. for time or event-driven messages
  • Use of a multitude of data formats, such as Excel, Word, Google Docs, PDF, and more
  • Optional connection to your groupware, HR solution, and other existing IT
  • Optional use of cloud storage, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive

As an HR or marketing department, leverage the advantages of Peakboard for a better working atmosphere.

As a manager or department manager looking to improve internal communication, Peakboard is a universal, easy-to-use solution for the visualization of information – whether you’re a marketing or communications department, a mid-size company, corporation, business unit, or department. Peakboard is a cost-effective, professional solution for all your requirements.