Visualize PUE, DCiE, and CUE Valuesin Your Data Center

Visualize all important IT infrastructure parameters on the wall as an XXL dashboard at all times – in real time.

IT overloads and downtimes take a toll not only on your nerves, but also on your bottom line. With Peakboard, IT managers can display important in-house IT infrastructure functional parameters on a large-format dashboard.

This enables them to keep a constant eye on key resources, capacity utilization, and usage peaks in the data center. The prominent visualization of trend analyses in conjunction with warnings enables IT staff to promptly and rapidly identify where exactly they need to take action. This facilitates faster response times and targeted solutions, before colleagues from other departments contact the helpdesk.

Visualize important IT information quickly and easily, thanks to Peakboard’s open architecture.

Peakboard is a universal solution that allows you to visualize data on any desired display – from your tablet through an XXL LED screen. Our solutions support you in your data center infrastructure management (DCIM) activities, taking into account ISO 9000 and ISO 27001 requirements such as data center infrastructure efficiency (DCiE) and power usage effectiveness (PUE).

The open architecture and interfaces enable you to monitor arbitrary information from the data center as desired. For example: processor, RAM, and storage utilization, running ERP instances, bandwidth consumption, allocated licenses, support tickets, recent calls to the helpdesk, etc.

IT staff can design the relevant display themselves, in line with the appropriate corporate design guidelines. Automatic real-time content changes can be made with rules, e.g. push notifications to a user group, and can simultaneously display a prominent warning message on the command center.

One Solution, many Applications.

Peakboard combines the simplicity and flexibility of a digital signage application with the complexity of business process data and metrics.

Whether you’re an IT controller or ERP manager, Peakboard is a solution for all requirements.

As a tailored hardware and software solution, Peakboard is perfect for IT departments in SMEs and system companies. For any data center. As an IT manager, ERP manager, helpdesk manager, or IT controller, you can leverage Peakboard to design your own command center, inexpensively and professionally.