Digital Signage for More EfficientLean Management Processes

Visualize Lean Management Processes Easily and Individually with Peakboard.

Lean management is defined as all the methods, principles and procedures used to make the value chain of industrial goods more efficient. Nowadays, lean management is also understood to mean a process-oriented management and organizational concept. The aim of this is to minimize unnecessary costs, waste and errors in all areas of the company and at the same time to achieve the best possible quality. The origin of lean management lies in lean production. The benchmark for this is still the Toyota Production System (TPS).

Digital Signage provides visual support for lean management methods and tools such as PDCA, Kaizen, 5S, Kanban, TPM and many more. Especially in the age of industry 4.0, the visualization of complex and different data, but also the communication between man and machine, is becoming increasingly important. With Peakboard you can visualize the most diverse data of machines, sensors, ERP systems and business intelligence in real time directly from the process. For individual departments, on one or more screens, for all concerned persons clearly arranged on modern, digital Logistic Boards, Andon Boards or other dashboards. This enables those who are responsible to act immediately and thus reduces machine breakdowns, unnecessary costs and material wastage, for example.

Various Data Sources on One Display.

With Peakboard to the Lean Production Display in the Shortest Time.

Key factors of Lean Management are the ability to react flexibly and quickly to changes on the one hand, and operational efficiency on the other. As a result, the company's own competitiveness can be secured and expanded. With the all-in-one solution Peakboard you can support your Lean Management even better, e. g. by optimizing your processes with more transparency. Consisting of hardware and software, you have a simple and secure tool at hand to use effective visual management. With the Peakboard-Designer you can also integrate complex data of your machines, systems and pre-systems – in your corporate design, freehand or with one of the included templates. Simply select the desired data connection, create visualization and transfer it to the Peakboard-Box. Your Lean Board is ready!

Peakboard is a maximum flexible Plug & Play solution that can be used immediately in companies of any size and type. Different KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) from Process Efficiency, Supply Chain Efficiency, Business or Quality can be completely freely configured and visualized. You can freely define events and rules and decide for your own which information from your data sources is displayed and how it is visualized. Use Peakboard as a visualization and motivation system to consciously integrate and guide employees with the KPIs and goals. This enables you to achieve the highest possible efficiency, clearly defined processes and procedures, clearly defined responsibilities, logical communication channels and transparency within your shop floor management.

One Solution, many Applications.

Peakboard combines the simplicity and flexibility of a digital signage application with the complexity of business process data and metrics.

Lean Board – Targeted Information for All Areas of Lean Management.

With Peakboard you can't just create Lean Boards. Whether in Lean Production, Lean Logistics, Lean Office, Lean Leadership or Lean Manufacturing. Peakboard can access various data sources and thus display a wide variety of key figures, but also information such as error rates, scrap or personnel deployment. The Peakboard-Designer serves as a tool for the Lean Manager, Lean Consultant or another employee to create the desired dashboard. The Peakboard-Box then transmits the created visualization to the desired monitor. It is always possible to display all information at the same time or one interval after the other.

Whether standard monitor or touch screen – with interactive buttons you always have the option of manually writing process changes back to your source system, which ensures that your data is always up-to-date. In addition, direct rewriting eliminates the need for double data source maintenance. Peakboard is the easiest way to create operational dashboards ever!

Your Advantages with Peakboard at a Glance.

  • Digital Lean Boards
  • Digital KPI Boards
  • Plug & Play connectivity
  • Freely configurable
  • Rewriting to the source system
  • Easy
  • Flexible
  • All-in-one solution
  • Cost-effective
  • Support / Webinar offer
  • Free Peakboard-Designer Download
  • Templates
  • Corporate design use possible