Dynamic Digital Signage forMonitoring Sales Figures

Visualize your operational sales KPIs prominently on the wall as a dashboard.

More focus and more sales with Peakboard.

They play a key role in measuring the success of a sales department: key performance indicators (KPIs). Whether e-commerce sales, social media interactions in marketing, current leads in direct sales, or the outbound frequency in a call center – no sales department can get by without continuously monitoring its own key figures.

With a dynamic digital signage sales dashboard that is prominently placed and fed with planned/actual KPIs in real time, you can keep a constant eye on your key sales figures: What are the operational targets to be met? What is the daily, weekly, or monthly status in the sales department? What are your current tasks?

A sales dashboard with operational ERP, CRM, and BI key figures makes it easier to identify vulnerabilities in your day-to-day sales processes. It enables you to take corrective action swiftly and promptly. And it helps to focus the entire team on the relevant targets. It is suitable for direct sales, partner sales, and outbound sales in the call center.

Visualize real-time key sales figures in an appealing way, quickly and easily.

Created with Peakboard by the specialist department in the shortest time.

Create a dynamic digital signage dashboard for your sales department’s important KPIs, quickly and easily. Whether target/actual comparisons, ABC lists, sales forecasts, hot leads, current transactions, or same-day benchmarking. Thanks to the easy connection of ERP, CRM, and BI feeder systems and use of pre-configured solution designs, such as Tableau or Microsoft Power BI, you can visualize your own sales dashboard in your corporate design in next to no time.

The Peakboard technology provides you with extensive data-driven functions and numerous interfaces, so that you can map your individual sales dashboard requirements anywhere you want.

One Solution, many Applications.

Peakboard combines the simplicity and flexibility of a digital signage application with the complexity of business process data and metrics.

As a manager, put the spotlight on the operational sales targets.

Tailor-made for any industry and size – with Peakboard.

As a manager or sales manager, you need to keep tabs on your company’s short and long-term objectives. As do your sales staff. Use a sales dashboard to visualize your daily sales tasks and targets.

Sales dashboards created with Peakboard are suitable for companies of all sizes. From start-ups that use Lexware and SMEs that use Sage through large corporations that use SAP. For inbound and outbound sales, in direct sales and partner sales, marketing or the call center.