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Peakboard keeps a close eye on the different subject matter experts and operations within the company. Although every subject matter expert has their own challenges, modern business worlds do have one thing in common: They are becoming more and more complex. This calls for a visualization solution that not only thinks outside the box, but also looks ahead.

subject matter experts

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Peakboard helps you keep an eye on the current situation, whether it’s in manufacturing or intralogistics, at any time and in real time. This way you can take measures easier, faster, and more goal-oriented in order to streamline your processes, increase output, and make your company innovative for the long term.

subject matter experts

power users.

Many processes depend directly on whether they are always visible to all parties involved. With Peakboard you can measure and accurately display your processes, so you can fine-tune the screws that are slowing them down – more quickly and with more agility. This means that you can get more out of your production and logistics processes and improve the performance in a way that is easy and straight-forward.

subject matter experts

IT professionals.

Peakboard is a simple, flexible and secure all-in-one solution for visualization and communication of data from widely different data sources. With low administrative effort, you can control data visualizations in your company from a central location and comfortably rely on effective IT security.

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