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your data always available at a glance - in real time..


Peakboard offers you an agile, flexible, and scalable solution for your digitalization projects and visualizations. You decide on scaling in your company. 


Peakboard makes you agile. You can react to changes lightning-fast and make continual adjustments to your data visualization. 


Peakboard has a decentralized structure and is higher-performance, more error-tolerant, and more robust than a centralized server structure. Each individual Peakboard Box is a self-sufficient unit


With a Service Level Agreement, we give you a 10-year maintenance guarantee. That way, you always stay at the cutting edge of Peakboard technology. 

flexible use 

Peakboard illuminates your data in many different areas of application, whenever you want to visualize data from different sources in real time.

data security 

You decide with which data sources and upstream systems Peakboard communicates.
In the process, Peakboard only stores your data temporarily. 

effective data management for process optimization

digitalization projects made simple - with Peakboard.

If you are carrying out digitalization projects in your company, you will often face a series of challenges. Not only do you want to access different local data sources, you may be trying to connect data from your business partners and/or cloud systems as well. That takes up resources in individual departments and IT without delivering fast results. At the same time, the world of processing keeps on spinning and customer’s needs become more individual and based on ever shorter cycles. Because it’s also important to think about the changes that tomorrow may bring, digitalization projects are always ongoing projects. 

Peakboard is the illuminatingly simple all-in-one solution of hardware and software that allows you to visualize data quickly, efficiently, and individually on monitors – and all that in real time, too. Peakboard delivers many interfaces for many different kinds of data sources. That allows you to visualize key figures everywhere where current and precise data is important, such as in the production hall or the warehouse. In the process, you decide which key figures are important and what data should be visualized. Without any installation effort. Without needing a central server. In the process, you remain completely agile and can adjust the dashboards at any time, however you need to. 

decentralized for the win

Peakboard makes you
the process optimizer.

Particularly in departments like production and logistics, reliability and the lowest possible latency have top priority. To be able to continually improve your processes, you need flexible and agile data communication – ideally in real time. Peakboard connects all existing information loops in a superordinate and supplementary logic and communicates the things you find most important. Exactly where it’s needed.

the only useful data is current data

Peakboard delivers you the information that you need.

Communicating information on dashboards is one thing, but making them really useful is another. For that, the information that is communicated must be precise and up to date. From workers in the production hall to managers in an office, information only brings added value to dashboard users if it’s relevant for them. When the user can use it to directly figure out what’s going on. When they have a direct influence on the business process and can react to exceptions. And if the result of the measures taken is then directly visible on the dashboard. 

That doesn’t just create more efficient processes, but more positive employee attitudes as well. That’s because when employees are involved and know what goal they are pursuing with the current task and what progress is being made, they are automatically more focused and motivated. Illuminating, right? 

illuminate your workflows

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