secure, decentralized, but centrally administered

try a different kind of data visualization – with Peakboard.

data protection 

The Peakboard Box only temporarily saves your data.


Peakboard supports many different interfaces. 

user administration 

You can give each Peakboard Box as many users and rights as you want. 


As part of the Service Level Agreement, we take care of hardware defects and give you software updates at regular intervals. 


Peakboard is SAP certified. You can access your standard user rights through the RFC interface.

IT infrastructure 

The Peakboard Box is operated with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. You don’t need internet access; the entire Peakboard solution runs completely in your LAN network. 

protection against attacks  

Windows runs in “kiosk mode” on your Peakboard Box. The user can’t use or install external software.  

external communication 

You decide which data sources and systems Peakboard communicates with in the local network or online, and when. 

central administration 

Easily manage your Peakboard Boxes with Peakboard Hub as your central communication platform. 

Peakboard vs BI

visualize processes more intelligently and with logic.

Peakboard is an intelligent, low-maintenance all-in-one solution of hardware and software and was designed specifically for industrial use. 

With Peakboard, you can visualize operative data from many different data sources and upstream systems quickly and easily on individual dashboards in real time. In contrast to BI systems, which are designed to analyze historical numeric data, Peakboard visualizes processes. Customized by where the dashboard is located – in production, intralogistics, or administration – the viewer directly receives the information they need to make quick, independent decisions. This allows employees to react agilely to requirements and events. 



In the Peakboard Designer, you create your visualization and upload it to the Peakboard Box. The Peakboard Box gets the data you have stipulated directly from the individual data sources at defined time intervals and shows you the data on a monitor connected to the Peakboard Box in real time. 

the software


With the Peakboard Designer, you can create and edit your data visualizations and administer your Peakboard Boxes.  

You can start with your visualization project directly. All you need is a PC with a Windows operating system (we recommend Windows 10) and your data sources, which you can connect in the local network or with the cloud.  

You can also independently develop complex applications and with the Peakboard Extension Kit, you can develop your own data sources. 

The Peakboard Box is also outfitted with the software program Peakboard Runtime, which carries out the logic of data processing and visualization. 

Click here to download the Peakboard Designer for free


the hardware


The Peakboard Box consists of a single circuit board, protected by a sturdy aluminum case. The connections are robustly soldered to the circuit board. Because the case also dissipates heat, an additional fan is unnecessary. You can also choose to outfit your Peakboard Box with an additional cover to fit it for special industrial circumstances, such as very humid areas. If necessary, you can also protect the Peakboard Box against external manual interference by having hardware ports, such as USD ports, switched off by software.  

Peakboard has a decentralized structure and is higher-performance, more error-tolerant, and more robust than a centralized server structure. Each individual Peakboard Box is a self-sufficient unit. This creates security and greater stability in the event of errors. 

The Peakboard Box is operated with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise: This allows you to connect the Peakboard Box in the corresponding domains and administer it in the network like other computers. Using a distribution system, you can also keep it up to date with the most current Windows updates. 

You’ll find more technical details here.


two thumbs up for IT security

Peakboard keeps a firm eye on security.

Regular updates: Our Peakboard software has regular release cycles. That way, you always stay at the cutting edge of Peakboard technology.

The current version history and documentation is over here here.

Encryption: Both Peakboard Designer and Peakboard Runtime, as well as Peakboard Box and the associated systems and databases have encrypted communication. 

Maintenanc: As part of the Service Level Agreement, we guarantee that we will take care of hardware defects and give you software updates at regular intervals. Our Support Team is always available to give you help and advice. 

Certifications: Peakboard is SAP certified. Access occurs through the RFC interface, and your standard user rights apply.

Data protection: All visualizations that you create in the Peakboard Designer can also be stored in project files on your local computer. The Peakboard Box only saves your data temporarily. 

IT infrastructure: Peakboard offers you all technical and organizational opportunities for connection into a uniform IT environment. The entire Peakboard solution doesn’t need internet access, but rather runs completely in your LAN network.

Interfaces: Peakboard supports many interfaces that are implemented with a high need for security and stability in accordance with industry standards and manufacturer specifications.

The data connections are over here.

Peakboard in the palm of your hand

everything under control.

Peakboard Hub: We provide a communication and administration platform. Using it, you can easily manage all Peakboard Boxes, including users, network settings, updates and many other settings, overview visualizations, downtimes and utilization of your Peakboard Boxes, communicate with external devices and, if required, centrally store and process your data. You host Peakboard Hub on premises in your environment on an IIS server. Data storage is based on SQL Server Express.

Log: Each of your Peakboard Boxes keeps its own log, which can be retrieved using the Peakboard Designer or Peakboard Hub when needed. 

Performance monitoring: You have the technical opportunity to coordinate the data flow. In the process, you can structure your Peakboard architecture to avoid overloading the connected data sources. 

External communication: You decide which data sources and systems Peakboard communicates with in the local network or online, and when. This means that your data is not collected by us or by third party companies. 

Peakboard creates more value

a visualization solution made just for you.

With Peakboard, you can control many different data visualizations centrally in your company with little administrative effort. Each individual Peakboard Box can directly retrieve the desired data, process it in an ETL process, and visualize it with scripts and templates as agile dashboards. You don’t need a central server or a collaboration platform. Using a connection with a central instance, such as a data staging area, you can also use Peakboard as an intelligent client for visualization within a client/server infrastructure. In the process, you determine what tasks to carry out centrally by the server and which to carry out decentralized by Peakboard. 

With Peakboard, you are completely flexible. 

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