agile visualization management

get more out of your workflows.

optimized work processes 

With Peakboard, you can follow, monitor, and optimize work processes. 

hardware and software in one 

With our all-in-one solution, you can configure your visualization freely and flexibly. 

many interfaces 

Visualize the data that really matters. No matter the source. 

projects of all sizes  

From individual dashboards to automated visualization systems. 

decentralized and secure 

Peakboard is a decentralized visualization solution and communicates only with the data sources you have defined. 


Peakboard offers you an agile, flexible, and scalable solution for your digitalization projects. 

real-time status

efficiency through real time.

Know what’s going on. Work processes need real-time information to become truly efficient. Real-time status displays and relevant KPIs make it possible to react to current situations in an industrial environment quickly and effectively.

digital workplace

illuminated processes seem as though they optimize themselves.

In production and logistics, many processes run at the same time. That makes it difficult to always keep an overview of all current orders and remain master of the situation. With Peakboard, you illuminate complex data and workflows from various data sources live on one display and retain an overview even in precarious situations. 



Peakboard Designer.

Get more out of your data and make information usable. Start directly with the Peakboard Designer to implement your visualization project. 

Peakboard Box.

Load your visualization directly to the Peakboard Box and link it to whichever display you choose by HDMI to have it play automatically.

illuminate your workflows

you already have a visualization project in mind?

yes sure.

Simply download the Peakboard Designer for free, connect your data sources, and start your first visualization. 

Our free templates offer you a helpful introduction to implementing your visualization. Just choose an appropriate template and get started. 

not yet.

Our areas of application will give you a first glance into the many possibilities of data visualization with Peakboard. It’s sure to make a light bulb go off for you! 

Take a glance at our success stories, too. Here we show you how Peakboard has optimized our customers’ workflows. 

Unser einstündiges Grundlagen-Webinar erleichtert Ihnen den Einstieg. Warum nicht vorab schon einmal kostenlos unseren Peakboard Designer herunterladen und direkt mit Ihrer Visualisierung starten?

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