success stories.

The success stories of our customers are as varied as our customers themselves. We aim to find flexible solutions for different challenges, tailored to the individual customer. Get an overview of our success stories with the most diverse applications of Peakboard.

success story #1

Robert Bosch GmbH.

Bosch is one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers.
For almost 50 years, the company has been producing a range of semiconductors for use in consumer and entertainment electronics, wearables and vehicles. In their Reutlingen based factory for 200mm semiconductors, Peakboard was introduced to display target/actual comparisons of individual production stages in real time using various Andon boards.

success story #2

BWI Group.

To take the next step towards operational excellence, the BWI Group from Greenfield, Indiana combines real-time data visualization and MES functions in one system. The already existing OPC UA Kepware server for bundling and distribution of information from the machines accelerates the implementation.

success story #3


At ZARGES in Weilheim, around 30 monitors present details about all the company’s production line processes in real time. This helps the light metal manufacturer to improve its utilization of production robots. The company has installed a complete MES, and is also mining new information from its data, which it uses for its business intelligence.

success story #4


Bizerba offers customers in the craft, trade, industry, and logistics sectors a worldwide one-of-a-kind solution portfolio of hardware and software that addresses the key variable of “weight”. The offer includes products and solutions for operations related to cutting, processing, weighing, collecting, inspecting, commissioning, and labeling.

success story #5

GBA Group.

GBA Group is among the leading analysis laboratories and service providers in Europe. Its core competencies are in the areas of environmental, food, consumer good and pharmaceutical analysis.
In order to optimize their project-related internal communication in 14 locations, GBA Group was searching for a cutting-edge IT solution. Peakboard was implemented at their Pinneberg location in order to share lab information to a wide variety of employees via four monitors at central locations throughout the company.

success story #6

Johannes Giesser Messerfabrik GmbH.

As one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality knives and accessories for professional users worldwide, Johannes Giesser Messerfabrik GmbH produces more than 8,000 professional knives each day at its head office in the town of Winnenden in Baden-Wuerttemberg. The product range of this traditional company includes around 2,500 forged and stamped knives for the catering and food-processing industries. Knives and cutlery have been crafted at Giesser since as early as 1776.

success story #7

Prym Consumer Europe GmbH.

The Prym Group, founded in 1530 as a brass and copper manufacturer, is Germany’s oldest industrial family company. Prym aspires to make life easier for people – for customers and employees alike. The goal was to create transparency about the workloads for employees in the high-bay warehouse, order picking, and warehouse control station areas. By introducing Peakboard and providing boards that exactly the required information, this is precisely what was achieved.

success story #8

MUNSCH Kunststoff-Schweißtechnik GmbH.

MUNSCH Kunststoff-Schweißtechnik GmbH has been specializing in the manufacture of manageable tools for welding thermoplastics for around 40 years and is now considered a leading global supplier. To make the processing status of repairs in the workshop more efficient, they looked for a digital visualization solution. Peakboard was introduced in Ransbach-Baumbach to display various information during the repair process.

success story #9

Joh. Clouth GmbH & Co. KG.

Joh. Clouth GmbH & Co. KG – founded in 1874 – now operates internationally and is a successful producer of high-value wear parts and capital goods for the paper and steel industries. In addition to the headquarters in Hueckeswagen, the companies Clouth Sprenger in Moers (since 2003) and Joh. Clouth Maschinenbau Eltmann (since 2006) also belong to the Clouth Group in the Lower Franconian town of Eltmann. All companies place the highest value on quality, flexibility, innovation, and an excellent cost-benefit-ratio.

success story #10

Helmut Fischer GmbH.

With some 800 employees worldwide, Helmut Fischer GmbH is a full-service supplier in the field of surface testing and has been developing precision instruments for surface measurements since 1953. Helmut Fischer uses Peakboard at regularly scheduled shop-floor meetings to ensure process transparency in production and logistics and, at the same time, to monitor delivery reliability, quality, and costs, as well as to identify potential disturbances at an early stage.

success story #11


Corratec has manufactured all types of high-quality bicycles at its Raubling site in Bavaria since 1990. The bicycle manufacturer’s experience has proven that getting started in a smart factory is easier than one might think. Corratec uses Peakboard to learn about the status of production at a glance, and it can immediately recognize any problems that arise.

success story #12

Pankl Racing System Inc.

Pankl Racing Systems wants to increase its operational excellence by creating a comprehensive digital map of production. One particular challenge that it faced: It had large amounts of data, and it wanted to be able to make later adjustments without being dependent on third-party providers.

success story #13

Aquis Systems.

Aquis Systems is incorporating an operational excellence platform for its production stations as it says goodbye to Excel as a tool for digitally mapping the shop floor.

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