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Prym Group: warehouse transparency with Peakboard.

Prym Group

solution at a glance.


Metal industry and processing




Transparency of workloads for employees in high-bay warehouses, order picking and warehouse control centers


Introduction of Peakboard at the Alsdorf site and provision of boards with information on transport orders in the areas of high-bay warehousing and order picking via three monitors


Graphical visualization of SAP data | Transparency of workloads for employees in the warehouse | More efficient planning of work assignments

time to value

Only a few weeks for the project implementation from the data connection over the creation of the boards up to the productive implementation

the customer

Prym Group.

The Prym Group, founded in 1530 as a company to produce brass and copper, is the oldest industrial family business in Germany. Today, the core competence of the Stolberg-based group of companies are creative products for handicrafts and hobbies, closure systems and accessories as well as high-precision electromechanical components. The Prym Group is represented worldwide with around 3,300 employees at locations in Europe, Asia, Latin/North America and Africa. The group comprises the four market independent segments Prym Consumer, Prym Fashion, Prym Intimates and INOVAN. The group is led by the Prym Management Holding. 

“Peakboard enables us to visualize data in a very appealing and understandable way, which can only be presented in a relatively complicated way in SAP or only in tabular form.”
Thomas Hösch, SAP-Organization and Project Management, Prym Group 

the challenge

processes, information
and data in real time.

Making life easier for people: That is Prym’s claim – and not for its customers, but also for its own employees: The idea of how to make life easier for the forklift drivers and order pickers in the warehouse of the Prym Consumer division came to Oliver Fischer, Head of Logistics and the Goods Centre, his colleague Charles Overtus, Operative Manager of the Goods Centre, and Tomas Hösch, responsible for organisation and project management around SAP, during a visit to a trade fair. “We actually came across the all-in-one solution Peakboard for data and process visualization rather by chance and immediately thought: With Peakboard we can directly visualize which transport orders have been processed or still have to be processed, where there is a bottleneck etc.”, says Hösch.

Until now, the employees in the warehouse lacked transparency regarding the current workload. They were asssigned by the control center, to drive to or pick up goods from the high-bay warehouse or goods receipt, but they had no overview of the current situation. But even the control station responsible for resource planning could only display tables, not suitable and uncomplicated visualization options. “Since the price-performance ratio was also right, we decided to test the solution in practical use,” reports Hösch.

the solution

green light for Peakboard.

Mittels einer kostenlosen Teststellung konnte Prym sich zunächst in Ruhe davon überzeugen, ob mit Peakboard Prozesse, Informationen und Daten wirklich so einfach in Echtzeit visualisiert und für Mitarbeiter aller Bereiche prominent platziert werden können, wie Peakboard verspricht: Die All-in-One-Lösung besteht aus Soft- und Hardware, kombiniert in einer Smartphone-kleinen Aluminiumbox mit integriertem WLAN-Modul. Da Peakboard die Daten selbstständig visualisiert, kann die Lösung ohne zentralen Server genutzt werden. Peakboard greift über WLAN oder LAN direkt auf eine Datenquelle zu, aggregiert die Daten für die Visualisierung und überträgt sie über ein HDMI-Kabel an den gewünschten (Groß-)Bildschirm. Mögliche Datenquellen reichen von Maschinen, Sensoren, ERP-Systemen wie SAP bis hin zu Excel und Cloud-Lösungen. 

Den Praxistest bei Prym hat Peakboard mühelos bestanden. Die Projektumsetzung erfolgte dann binnen weniger Wochen. Unterstützt wurde Hösch bei der Erstellung der Dashboards von Peakboard. „Die Zusammenarbeit lief sehr gut“, betont Hösch. „Auch wenn es jetzt noch Unterstützungsbedarf gibt, bekomme ich in der Regel binnen 24 Stunden Hilfe.“  

“With Peakboard, we have a fast and efficient way to make adjustments
to the distribution of work.”
Thomas Hösch, SAP-Organization and Project Management, Prym Group 

the benefits

all transport orders
always in sight.

The open and completed workloads of the respective working day are displayed in bar charts. Every day, around 1,200 transport order dispositions are processed in the high-bay warehouse and around 9,000 in the picking area.

Peakboard logs on to the SAP system as a user every 90 seconds, runs the corresponding queries and then pulls the data onto the respective dashboard. Prym uses a total of three monitors with two different templates. The employees in the high-bay warehouse and in the picking department are each informed about the respective workload via one monitor at the entrance to their area. The two templates from picking and high-bay warehouse are displayed alternately to the warehouse control center.

“A huge advantage for us is that we can control the processing of transport orders with Peakboard much more efficiently,” says Hösch. “With Peakboard, the control center can see instantly whether there are many transport orders for replenishment, for example, and can accordingly deduct additional forklift drivers from goods receipt to goods replenishment. We can react much more flexibly to the respective situation.”

In addition, the approximately 40 employees from high-bay warehouses and order picking who are using the Peakboard benefit from the newly gained transparency: they can see exactly where they are, what they have achieved and feel motivated to ‘set the orders on green’.

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