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About us.

A quick look behind the scenes of how a data visualization start-up became a young company that is driving the digitization and networking of all industrial processes forward.

From idea to success

Company history.

Peakboard GmbH was founded in Stuttgart as a 100% subsidiary of Theobald Software.
Data flows
Peakboard increasingly develops into a low-code software solution. Data can be easily processed, cleaned, connected and aggregated, reordered and filtered.
Peakboard Edge
Launch of our first market-ready add-on, Peakboard Edge.
Peakboard Hub
Launch of a central platform to manage Peakboard Boxes.
Peakboard America Inc.
Peakboard expands to the USA.
Peakboard Hub online
Peakboard Hub is no longer only available on-premises, but is now also an online solution.
The first Peakboard Box
Launch of our first market-ready hardware, the Peakboard Box.
Conditional formatting
Another low-code feature: Various defined states and signals can be set to automatically change elements on the dashboard in real time.
Building Blocks
Another low-code feature: Create complex logics and processes without scripts.
Peakboard Hub lists
Save and manage data centrally in Peakboard Hub lists.
Independence from Theobald Software
Peakboard is now an independent GmbH.


Our customers.

Many companies are already using Peakboard. Here is a small selection of companies that have already optimized their production or logistics processes.

Quick sum-up

What is Peakboard?

Discover why data visualization can be complex and how Peakboard simplifies it. Learn about the unique features that set Peakboard apart from other solutions, and explore many other important facts about Peakboard in this short interview.
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What is behind the bits and bytes?

Our team.

We are a bunch of dedicated and experienced professionals who are full of energy and drive. We have different backgrounds and personalities, but the same goals and mindsets – this combination is exactly what is needed to generate new, creative ideas and offer a good dose of fun to successfully move Peakboard forward together.

Sara Lenz
Working Student Social Media
Jana Pfeifer
Key Account Sales
Christine Büttner
Dual Student
Chris Peterson
Sales Development
Yannis Hartmann
Intern Development
Vera Baumeister
Information Designer
Vanessa Klotz
Software Consultant
Tobias Nieß
Software Developer
Tibor Fritzsche
Head of Business Development
Thomas Zolich
Dual Student
Thilo Brosinsky
Head of Development
Stjepan Majic
Software Consultant
Sargis Muradyants
Software Developer
Sara Waldenberger
UX Designer
Sandra Müller
Lead Account Manager
Head of Happiness
Paul Sudar
Software Consultant
Patrick Theobald
Managing Director
Oleksandra Prokhorova
Software Developer
Nina Berger
General Manager USA
Nils Krezdorn
Apprentice in Technical Informatics
Niklas Gysinn
Software Developer
Matthias Lunz
Head of Service
Martin Neumann
Head of Sales
Kristin Straubinger
Director Brand, Organization & Culture
Kätriin Juhandi
Digital Marketing Manager
Jürgen Bäurle
Software Developer
Georg Büchner
Account Manager EMEA + Asia
Gegham Muradyants
Software Developer
Benjamin Sturm
IT Administrator
Benjamin Gallier
Software Developer
Antonia Schulz
Working Student Shipment
Alexander König
UX Designer
Beate Wende
Operations Manager
Remo Meier
Senior Digital Marketing Manager