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All data interfaces and sources.

With Peakboard, you can manage a variety of different data formats, databases, documents, file servers, MES & ERP systems, all the way to machine, conveyor and sensor information easily and individually connect, aggregate, visualize and write back – in real time.

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IBM Analytics

abas ERP

Adobe PDF

AIS Automation FabEagle MES

Automation Direct - Productivity

AVEVA Wonderware

Azure Event & IoT Hub

Beckhoff Automation

Bosch IoT Gateway

camLine InFrame Synapse MES

Comarch ERP





Your data source is not listed? Contact us , we will find a solution!

In a nutshell

Data sources in use.

The example of a shop floor board gives you a clear representation of which possible data sources are hidden behind the displayed information. Just hover over the elements to reveal the respective data sources.

Peakboard connects

More than just a data connection.

Peakboard Extensions.

Peakboard offers a variety of interfaces for a wide range of data sources. However, if your specific data source is not available, you can turn to Peakboard’s extensions to easily integrate it.


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