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Here you will find answers to the questions we are most frequently asked by customers and interested parties. In order to help you more quickly, they are divided into six categories.

You can interact with you applications via external devices such as a mouse, keyboard, presenter and buttons etc. There is also the option of creating an interactive dashboard via a touch display.

Yes. Peakboard is SAP certified and meets all requirements for successful integration with SAP applications. We have even developed our own interface for this.
Learn more about SAP connectivity here.

You can set this up as you wish. From real time to times between 5 seconds and several days, everything is possible. It depends on the use case and the data source.

There are several extensions for this. We are happy to support you with the connection and find a solution together. Just contact us.

Yes, you can also visualize the applications on a screen without using the Peakboard Box. Our solutions are flexible and can also be displayed on a screen using a device of your choice. We have Peakboard BYOD (Bring your own Device), which allows you to purchase a license to run Peakboard on your own device.

With Peakboard, a wide variety of data sources and pre-systems can be connected. Find the right interfaces for you from over 100 different data connections. Have a look on all possible data connections.

Peakboard is designed to be used without any programming knowledge.
If you want to make your dashboard interactive, there are several low-code options available. Peakboard Building Blocks, the visual code editor in Peakboard Designer, helps you create complex logic and flows, for example. This way you can create statements, loops and interactive inputs in a simplified way without writing a line of script.
For more complex issues, such as connecting data sources like SQL Server, S7 control or event-based dependencies, programming skills are an advantage.

Due to its high flexibility, Peakboard is used in many different industries. You can find an overview of possible solutions on our website.
Our templates also give you the inspiration you need to create your first dashboard with Peakboard. Download it for free and customize it according to your needs.

Any employee can use Peakboard Designer to create applications. However, this is usually done by employees who are well acquainted with the various data sources in the company.
You may need administrator privileges to install our software, Peakboard Designer.
The Peakboard Box can be set up by a non-administrator, depending on company policy. But you will usually need a network administrator or IT administrator to integrate the Peakboard Box into the company’s infrastructure.

With our free software, Peakboard Designer, you can pre-build, test and preview your project without any functional or time limitations.

To display your dashboard on the monitor in any location, you need the suitable Peakboard Subscription, which includes the requested interfaces.

Our subscription pricing model is particularly transparent and easy to scale. There are no follow-up costs.
Depending on the interface requirements, there are different product versions. Here you can find an overview of the versions.

Yes. The most popular is our workshop, where we answer your specific questions individually directly on site. If interested, just contact

As part of the SLA, our technical support will help you with any technical questions you may have about Peakboard. The fastest way is to submit a ticket by e-mail at

We respond to support tickets within one business day. Our consulting service is not covered by the support.

For the Peakboard Box you need a power connection (USB with suitable power is included) and a connection to the network (LAN cable or WLAN). You will also need a monitor of your choice with HDMI port to output the visualization.

For Peakboard BYOD, your own hardware should meet the following minimum technical requirements:

1 GHz CPU with 2 cores
64 GB storage space

These numbers are the absolute minimum to get Peakboard BYOD up and running. For a smooth user experience, you should at least double these values.

For the installation of our software, Peakboard Designer, we recommend Windows 10 or newer.

You can connect the Peakboard Box to the network via WLAN as well as via LAN cable. Due to the more stable connection, we recommend the connection via LAN cable. The device works like a normal Windows client in the network. Setup and configuration are done via Peakboard Designer. If needed, you can also integrate Peakboard Boxes into the domain.

Peakboard BYOD behaves like normal Windows software. Your device (IPC hardware, laptop or tablet) only needs to be connected to a network to receive all the data.

Yes, you can also visualize the applications on a screen without using the Peakboard Box. Our solutions are flexible and can also be displayed on a screen using an end device of your choice. We have the Peakboard BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) version, which allows you to purchase a license to run Peakboard on your own device (IPC hardware, laptop or tablet).


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