MQTT data

MQTT data visualization with Peakboard.

MQTT client

Peakboard is an MQTT client that allows you to easily read and write back data.

Real-time data processing

Transparency through the direct processing and communication of your operational process data on screens.

Features and functions

With color coding, conditional formatting and many other functions, critical information can be displayed directly without coding.

Quickly and easily configurable

Seamlessly connect an MQTT server.

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With Peakboard Designer, data from the MQTT server can be connected, filtered and visualized.

Peakboard is a decentralized data communication solution that enables reading and writing back data (publish/subscribe) to MQTT servers in real time. Configure your own industry apps according to your needs. Connect your MQTT server directly to manage, process and visualize your data centrally. Individual logical data, such as critical measured values and complex key figures, can be automatically calculated and displayed with Peakboard. Create meaningful visualizations using numerous elements, such as diagrams, tables and signal colors, to display operational process data directly on your display.

Did you know?

You can receive your MQTT messages in 3 different ways:

Standard view: 1 row, each column is its own “topic”
Advanced view: Each message is on its own row
Dynamic view: Each “topic” gets its own row with the last message

Shed light on your IoT landscape. Link multiple data with a variety of built-in interfaces. Monitor your machines, MES or ERP systems simultaneously on your individual dashboard. The serverless edge computing solution gives you full flexibility and high scalability for individual operational excellence projects.

Our help site provides you with additional information about MQTT data connections.

Quick processing and presentation

Your MQTT visualization.

With Peakboard Designer, you can start your project immediately and test it fully. Connect your MQTT server and get started! You can find free templates for your MQTT dashboard on our Template Portal.

Drag-and-drop application

Try Peakboard Designer now.

Capture, process and visualize your order data e.g. from SAP with the production data from your machine – in real time and without major programming effort.

Just download the software for free, install it on your PC and get started.

In a nutshell

MQTT data in use.

The example of a shop floor board gives you a clear representation of which possible data sources are hidden behind the displayed information. Just hover over the elements to reveal the respective data sources.