Smart parking with Bosch AI cameras.

Digital parking space management

Solution at a glance.


  • Inefficient parking management
  • Standard parking management systems are too expensive and complex.


  • Customized application from Peakboard in combination with the AI cameras from Bosch


  • Efficient, reliable and cost-effective smart parking system
  • No need for expensive sensors and complex cabling

Intelligent and cost-effective smart parking system

Innovative technologies for efficient parking space utilization.

The increasing integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in security and surveillance systems has enabled quick advancement in parking space management. Bosch has developed innovative security cameras that precisely recognize specific objects or situations and enable intelligent parking. In contrast to conventional parking management systems, free and reserved parking spaces can be accurately detected without expensive sensors and cabling.

The seamless integration of Bosch security cameras into the Peakboard solution opens new perspectives for the effective display of parking information. With Peakboard, you can easily create low-code custom applications that visualize the results of the cameras in informative dashboards. The data is collected in real time via MQTT. Parking status, availability, and other relevant information can be seen immediately. The simple implementation of Peakboard helps to achieve cost-efficient and highly customizable parking management.

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Intelligent navigation

Optimize resources on large parking areas.

When entering the parking site, the car driver is shown a central screen with a top-down view of the parking area. The free parking spaces are displayed in green, so the driver knows directly in which direction to drive. If a truck enters, this is automatically recognized by the AI camera and only the available truck parking spaces light up on the screen. If all parking spaces for trucks are occupied, this information is also displayed. This prevents unnecessary entry and makes it easier for large trucks to find a parking space.

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Retrofitting the parking systems

Your new smart parking solution.

The Bosch AI cameras provide reliable information about the parking lot status, while Peakboard captures this data and displays it in real time. The data can also be archived for long-term evaluation, e.g. regarding the utilization of the parking spaces. In addition to parking space utilization and vehicle type recognition, AI cameras for parking spaces offer other data collection and analysis options, such as license plate recognition, length of stay and traffic flow analysis. Check out our short tutorial to see how to use the Bosch IP camera system in a visualization with Peakboard and how to set up the MQTT Broker in the Bosch Configuration Manager.

In terms of predictive maintenance, you can count the frequency of barrier movements to predict the next maintenance. The use of Bosch security cameras and customized low-code applications from Peakboard creates synergy effects that drive groundbreaking digitalization in parking management. With our user-friendly smart parking solution, you also have a cost-effective alternative to traditional systems.

The software

Peakboard Designer.

Capture, process and visualize your order data e.g. from SAP with the production data from your machine – in real time and without major programming effort.

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