FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Peakboard. To help you as quickly as possible, these are divided into general and technical questions.

You cannot find the right question or answer? No problem – just send an e-mail to info@peakboard.com.

General Questions

Yes, Peakboard is certified by SAP.

An overview of the data connections can be found here.

Both updates and technical support are free of charge as part of a maintenance contract.

The complete application and the Peakboard Help Website is currently available in English, German, and Chinese (Mandarin).

Help is only available on our Peakboard Help website at help.peakboard.com/en. However, you can jump directly from the application to the correct chapter on the Peakboard Help website.

You can connect one monitor per Peakboard-Box via HDMI cable. Splitting a visualization across several monitors is not planned.

Yes, the board in the Peakboard-Box is protected by a solid aluminum housing. If the environment is suitable for a monitor, you can also use the Peakboard-Box without problems.

Our solution is basically designed so that users can use it without programming knowledge. For example, the connection of new data sources can be performed as a power user. More complex questions, such as the connection of data sources such as SQL Server, S7 control or event-driven dependencies, can require programming skills.

Yes, we have had the best experience when training courses are held as a kind of workshop based on concrete questions at the customer’s premises.

Tickets can be handed in by e-mail or by phone at +49 711 46 05 99 61.

Basically, we have exactly one support team that distributes the ticket internally and coordinates everything else with the appropriate contact person.

Maintenance includes 5/8 support. 7/24 support is generally offered but is neither necessary nor desired by most of our customers.

Peakboard guarantees a response time to support requests within 24 hours. Consulting service is not covered by support.

See the product details page for all the information about the differences.

Yes, a paid upgrade is possible and is activated by a newly generated license key.

Technical Questions

The operating system is Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and does not allow installation of additional components. Besides the OS only the Peakboard-Runtime runs on the box.

Basically, the data is only buffered locally (on the box) and only very briefly (usually only for a few minutes. If a larger, better, longer buffering is desired, it makes sense to interpose a database of the customer’s choice. Depending on the architecture, this can make sense.

Yes, a detailed log is created. Both from the operating system and from the Peakboard-Runtime.

This can be set as desired. From real-time to times between 5 seconds and several days everything is possible. It depends on the application.


Usually we publish one update per week. However, it is usually not necessary to always import all updates. We recommend updating 2-3 times a year or if there is a concrete need (because a bug has been fixed or a certain new feature is needed). If there is a security-related problem that needs to be fixed with an update, we will proactively inform all customers.

Yes, this is one of the great strengths of Peakboard.

The contents are freely selectable and have a very high degree of freedom.

Each Peakboard-Box is shipped with an administrator user. The administrator can create as many users as desired on each box. Each user can then be assigned a role with definable rights. On our help website you will find further information on user administration.

The designer application has a preview mode. These previews are usually used for testing. Alternatively, a separate test box can be set up and tested. But this is rather unusual, because the local preview meets all requirements.