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Download the Peakboard-Designer and create custom dashboards for every business department in the shortest time.

With the Peakboard-Designer, you can quickly create a wide range of dashboards to display your relevant information at a glance and in real time. Whether with live tiles or classic tables. For production, logistics, IT or distribution.
Our all in one solution has been specifically designed to meet your needs and provides greater transparency, productivity and communication in all areas of your business. Simply download the Peakboard-Designer and get started.

The Peakboard-Designer is available for free and has no time or functional limitations.

You can create your visualization project completely free – without risk or initial costs.

For the Peakboard-Designer all you need is a PC with at least Windows 10 Build 15063 (Creators Update).

The Peakboard-Designer also works with the earlier Windows versions 7 and 8, however, certain functionalities may be restricted.
If you are not using Windows 10, we recommend to install and use the Designer on a Virtual Machine (VM).

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