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Product overview.

Peakboard is a ready-to-use, low-maintenance all-in-one solution consisting of hardware and software, which lets you easily network your production and logistics and transparently display the most important data in real time. Create your own applications with low-code software, e.g., for more efficient shop floor management, smooth warehouse management or for your own HMIs. 

Peakboard Hub
Peakboard Designer
Peakboard Box
Die Low-Code Software Peakboard Designer für die schnelle Erstellung individueller Industrieanwendungen.

Peakboard Designer

Low-code software to create your industrial applications quickly and easily.

Die Hardware Peakboard Box für Edge Computing in der Industrie.

Peakboard Box

Powerful hardware for displaying your industrial processes on a monitor.

Die Plattform Peakboard Hub für die zentrale Verwaltung aller Peakboard Boxen.


Peakboard Hub

Central platform for communication between you and your Peakboard boxes.

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Product roadmap.

Roadmap Year

Peakboard Runtime

Installation on tablet

The Peakboard Runtime can be installed on a tablet in kiosk mode without the need of a physical Peakboard Box.

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Peakboard Runtime

Installation on custom hardware

It is possible to download the Peakboard Runtime and install it on a suitable Windows instance in kiosk mode. This way, the Peakboard Runtime can be run on your own hardware, if necessary.

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Peakboard Edge

Generation 2

The new and modern Peakboard Edge provides access to a wide range of digital and analog sensors such as pressure, temperature and distance. Connections have been changed from screw terminals to convenient plug-in terminals, allowing easy installation and secure connection.

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Peakboard Designer

Image recognition

Peakboard Designer and Peakboard Box can be connected to a camera to train specific situations using a special training app for image recognition. The camera image can later be used as a data source.

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Peakboard Designer

MS Graph API

With the help of the MS Graph API it is possible to access all kinds of data within the Microsoft Office 365 domain: e.g. data from Sharepoint, Outlook, Planner or To-Do. These are retrieved using a generic data source.

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Peakboard Hub online


Using the streaming feature in Peakboard Hub, the screen content can also be seen remotely in real time rather than as a screenshot.

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