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get more out of your
SAP MQTT Siemens S7 OPC UA Excel data.

Peakboard is your all-in-one solution with software and hardware to ensure more transparency at the industrial workplace and easily optimize your processes. In production and logistics, Peakboard offers you countless possibilities to quickly and easily capture relevant data from a wide variety of sources, visualize it and transfer it to screens in real time. Exactly where it is needed. The specialist department can introduce Peakboard independently and adapt it flexibly.

the software:
designing dashboards and connecting data sources

Peakboard Designer.

From the visualization of your production data to machine monitoring and control to the shopfloor management system: There are no limits to what you can create dashboards for
in the Peakboard Designer. Capture, process, and visualize your order data from SAP
together with the production data from your machine – in real time and without major programming effort on your part. Simply download the Peakboard Designer for free, install
it on your PC, and get started.

four steps to a perfect dashboard


connect data sources.

The Peakboard Designer communicates with numerous data sources. Regardless of which systems you use at your company, whether Excel, JSON, databases, MES, or ERP systems, you can easily combine all your data sources in a single dashboard in the Peakboard Designer. By setting up practical data flows, you can easily process, clean, network, and aggregate your data.

Peakboard also allows you to input or output the information you need via external devices, such as switches, barcode scanners, and signal lights. This also allows you to make use of relevant process data that you have not yet collected or is not already digitally available.

design your dashboard.

Become a designer yourself and design your individual dashboard easily using drag & drop. As a low code solution, the Peakboard Designer offers a large selection of important elements, diagrams, and controls that you need to present your data in the right light.

It’s even faster if you create your dashboard using one of the numerous dashboard templates that you can download for free. You are sure to find inspiration here for your application.


create interactivity.

Do you need more than just an appealing visualization for your data? Get more out of your dashboard! Conditional Formatting allows you to specify that various conditions and signals you define in advance will cause certain elements on your dashboard to be highlighted in real time, for example.
You can interact with your dashboard using buttons or other interactive controls on the touchscreen or by using a mouse. Therefore, Peakboard can act as an HMI that allows you to control your machines easily.

The great thing is: The Peakboard Designer is a low code application. That way, you get a customized dashboard without having to write a single line of code. Pretty smart, right?!

upload your dashboard.

Connect the Peakboard Box, load the finished dashboard onto your Peakboard Box, and get started right away.


the hardware:
capture, prepare, and visualize data

Peakboard Box.

A powerful hardware package in a slim aluminum case: that is the essence of the Peakboard Box. Simply connect the Peakboard Box to a screen, connect it to the local network and the Peakboard Designer, and transfer your dashboard to the screen, right where you need the information. The Peakboard Box pulls the data you have specified for visualization independently and in real time from the network.

Peakboard connects

an enlightening overview of your data connections.

Peakboard “fetches” the data directly from the source and visualizes it on the large screen. Peakboard offers all the necessary components to connect and aggregate data from various sources and visualize them in real time. The supported data formats range from JSON and XML, databases, and SAP to social media and all the way to machinery, conveyor systems, and sensor information, such as Siemens S7 and OPC UA.

Here is an overview of the data connections that are currently available.

could we have a few more? Peakboard add-ons

complete your Peakboard solution.

Peakboard Edge

Peakboard Edge allows you to visualize data from your production and logistics that is not yet digitally available. Connect your Peakboard Box to Peakboard Edge in order to input or output the information you need via external devices, such as switches, barcode scanners, and signal lights. Simple communication at the speed of light.

This allows you, for example, to easily retrofit your existing machines without modifying the system control directly and therefore potentially losing your CE certification. Making retrofitting easy.

Peakboard Hub

With Peakboard Hub, you can very simply manage and review all your Peakboard Boxes from one centralized location. You can use Peakboard Hub not only to communicate with your Peakboard Boxes, but also as a communication platform between your Peakboard Boxes and external devices. If necessary, you can also store your data centrally in Peakboard Hub and process it accordingly.

Peakboard enlightens you

at a glance.

Peakboard allows you to collect data from a wide variety of data sources, evaluate them, and visualize them in real time on a screen. Simple, decentralized, and flexible.
Optimize your processes through more transparency applied directly in your industrial workplace.

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