central management of your Peakboard Boxes

Peakboard Hub.

hardware management

With Peakboard Hub, you can manage all your Peakboard Boxes from one centralized location.


You always have an eye on data visualizations, downtimes, and Peakboard Box usage rates.

communication platform

Peakboard Hub is the communication hub between your Peakboard Boxes and external devices, e.g., your smartphone or sensors.

data persistence

You can store your data centrally in Peakboard Hub and process it accordingly. Peakboard Hub is also hosted on premises.

shed light on the data about your data

magic manager.

With Peakboard Hub, managing your Peakboard Boxes is brilliantly easy. Use it to configure all the settings for your Peakboard Boxes centrally and conveniently, including network settings, naming your Peakboard Boxes, and managing licenses. With Peakboard Hub, you can easily restart, reset, and manually or automatically update your Peakboard Boxes. You can also effortlessly change active data visualizations, such as in your production facility or logistics warehouse.

your Peakboard Boxes at a glance

everything under control.

Missing the big picture? Not with Peakboard Hub. You can see at a glance what dashboard is being displayed on what screen and with what Peakboard Box. You receive an overview of the respective status of your Peakboard Boxes and can see where there was any downtime or what the usage rates of your Peakboard Boxes are in terms of RAM, the graphics card, or network.

everything revolves around Peakboard Hub

communication platform.

Peakboard Hub is not only the central communication platform for your Peakboard Boxes. You can also use Peakboard Hub for communication between Peakboard Boxes and other devices, such as your smartphone, smartwatch, or sensors.
The common protocol is MQTT.

always ready

your data persists.

Privacy with a capital P: Your Peakboard Boxes only cache all of your data. However, if you ever want to continue using your data, you can store it centrally in Peakboard Hub and process it accordingly.

Peakboard Hub

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clear facts

here’s where things get technical.

To install Peakboard Hub, you need IIS (Internet Information Services) and a Windows Server (from 2016 on up). Logging on to the Peakboard Hub then occurs through the active directory users of the domain where the application is running. Your data storage is based on SQL Server Express; the database is installed with it. You can also use SQL Server databases (from SQL Server 2017 on up) that already exist at your company. Peakboard Hub is hosted locally at your company. This way, you can be certain that neither the communication between you and Peakboard Hub nor the communication between Peakboard Hub and your Peakboard Boxes involves an external connection. On our Helpsite you can find more information about Peakboard Hub.

your access to
Peakboard Hub.

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