Peakboard and Power BI in perfect harmony

Agile and efficient data analysis.

Real-time and historical data

Analyze your historical data and get important information in real time.

Customized applications

Create individual applications with Peakboard and extend them with your Power BI reports.


Numerous integrations

Easily connect, edit and prepare data from multiple data sources.

Reshape your data landscape

Visualize the past,
optimize the future.

Graph describing the connection of machines to Peakboard via OPC UA and then saving the data in Peakboard Hub. This gives a basis for long-term analysis with Power BI and access to the machines' real-time data at the same time.
Connect your machines to Peakboard via OPC UA and save the data in Peakboard Hub. This gives you a basis for long-term analysis with Power BI and access to the machines’ real-time data at the same time.

Peakboard and Power BI: Two powerful tools for data analysis. Peakboard offers an innovative solution for the visualization of real-time data, with which you can not only read, combine and prepare your data, but also write it back to the source system. You also have the option of communicating directly with your machines. Power BI is a leading business intelligence tool that helps companies make informed strategic decisions based on historical data. The seamless combination of these two tools opens up completely new perspectives in data analysis for companies. This synergy effect has the potential not only to increase the efficiency of data analysis, but also to improve the quality of the decisions made.

Did you know?

You can add your Power BI dashboard to your Peakboard application with just a few clicks. You can find out exactly how this is done on our helpsite.

On the path to predictive maintenance with Peakboard and Power BI

Understanding your machines
in the best possible way.

At management level, especially for plant management, the fusion of Peakboard and Power BI becomes an invaluable tool. The integration provides a unique overview of historical performance data by providing precise analysis of how machines have performed in past periods. At the same time, operational data is provided in real time, giving plant management the ability to react immediately to current events. This comprehensive combination creates a strategic basis on which to make informed decisions regarding both long-term planning and immediate operational challenges. By implementing Peakboard and thus improving preventive maintenance, plant managers can not only understand the past and manage the present but are also optimally prepared for future events in machine operation.
The information gained is not only an enrichment for the management level. Those who are directly involved in the processes, whether on the production floor or in logistics, also benefit from comprehensibly prepared data. In situations that require quick decisions, operational intelligence proves to be superior to conventional business intelligence. Only through access to real-time data is it possible to intervene directly in ongoing processes. And this is where Peakboard supports you – the bridge between data, decisions and the successful future of your machines.

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