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Use cases.

Peakboard supports a full range of applications to optimize your industrial processes.


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Real-time monitoring of energy efficiency with IoT.

Discover the future of energy management in production with Peakboard. With this application, you can...
Dashboard series production, status of the production lines

Comprehensive insight into series production.

With Peakboard, you digitize and cross-link the production processes of your series production. Whether ERP...
Dashboard for production. Display the status of work steps in real time and interactively check off tasks

Transparent production data in job production.

Improve your job production easily with shining Peakboard dashboards! Light up your production data on...
Template for digital shop floor management meetings

Teamboard for an efficient production floor team meetings.

Move from whiteboard to Teamboard in no time to ensure up to date information and...
Shopfloor dashboard quality control of a line

Production floor analysis
with Microsoft Power BI.

Peakboard provides real-time insight into your production process. Through integration with Microsoft Power BI, Peakboard...
Lean management dashboard, status of a production line

Lean management board for efficient value creation in production.

Digital signage for more efficient lean management processes. Thanks to the all-in-one solution Peakboard, you...
Worker assistance system dashboard for assembly. Step-by-step instructions for employees.

Interactive worker assistance system.

Optimize your assembly processes with the interactive worker assistance system from Peakboard. Precise instructions and...

Digital shop floor management.

Peakboard is an adaptable shop floor management tool for generating user-oriented visualization solutions at the...
Digital bulletin board

Digital bulletin board for optimized manufacturing communication.

Improve communication and efficiency on your shop floor with the interactive digital bulletin board from...
Andon Board stations workflow

Digital dashboards for production transparency.

Peakboard visualizes the production data your team needs, when they need it. Communicate error messages,...



Application for efficient warehouse management, with KPIs for delivery reliability, tonnage, quantity, complaint reasons, complaint rate and latest complaints

Optimized warehouse management.

The digital warehouse management solution from Peakboard keeps your logistics team up to date with...
Dashboard for efficient fleet management

Efficient fleet management.

Digitized fleet management: minimize downtime, reduce costs and achieve high performance of your fleet. Discover...
Dashboard for an efficient warehouse management system

Real-time dashboards for an efficient warehouse management system.

Data visualization plays a central role in implementing just-in-time concepts for warehouse management. Only processes...
Dashboard for complaint analysis with the KPIs Complaints, Error type, error location, complaint rate and order volume.

A dashboard for detailed complaint analysis.

Peakboard keeps you on top of on your customer complaints. Get real-time information on complaint...
OKR dashboard with KPIs for service quality, packing speed, occupational safety and sustainability

OKR – agile management for more employee motivation.

With Peakboard it is very easy to visibly communicate OKR’s (objectives and key results) quickly...
Application for worker assistance system, Packing list screen

Worker assistance system for optimized order picking.

Increase your order picking efficiency. Design your individual worker assistance system with Peakboard and receive...

Smart parking with Bosch AI cameras.

Create a customized, cost-effective solution for your parking space management with Peakboard's low-code software and...
Digital shift book for production and logistics

Digital shift book for production and logistics.

Digitize your shift handover with Peakboard and create seamless communication in your company.


HMI Plant engineering.

HMI application for car wash systems - Enter the code screen

HMI application for car wash systems.

The low-code solution from Peakboard makes it easy to create customized applications for your car...
HMI application for yard management - Gate management screen

HMI for yard management.

Create complex applications, such as an HMI solution for your yard management system, without extensive...