Digital dashboards for production transparency.

Your digital andon board

Solution at a glance.


  • Detecting errors in production too late
  • No real-time data


  • Peakboard dashboard system


  • Transparency for all employees
  • Informed decision making
  • Time and cost savings

Streamlined process optimization

Keep your team informed.

Peakboard dashboards provide vital information to your production team by visualizing your machine data. Employees can see if targets are being met, production progress, capacity utilization, inventory management and address error messages immediately. In addition, process owners can independently step in and take charge of a situation – all while minimizing downtime. And Peakboard provides the flexibility you need. Choose to have all the information on one screen or use multiple dashboards displayed at intervals you determine. Interactive buttons provide the option to update process changes manually or automatically in your source system, both on the screen and in your database. This saves time and guarantees that your data is always up to date.

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Discover a wide range of available dashboard templates on our Templatesite

Spotlight on signal lights

Alerts: Visual Management.

Build your own simple and scalable visual alert system with Peakboard – even if your legacy production facilities may not initially support it. Using Peakboard, information can be input and output directly via external devices. Input information that is entered via switches, for example, is forwarded directly to the Peakboard Box and processed there. Output information is sent from Peakboard Box to an external device and can be displayed via
signal lights or sound boxes.
In the event of a machine malfunction, the error message is reported not just on the dashboard itself, but also via a clearly visible light that signals a problem and prompts production floor employees to take action, in real time. And since data is centrally stored with Peakboard, it becomes available for the later analysis and process improvement.

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Because only informed employees can make informed decisions

“With Peakboard, all of the employees have a constant overview of where there are missing completes, detected faults, maintenance or repairs in progress, or where a new production lot can be started in order to reduce downtimes.”

Benjamin Wagner
Equipment Engineering – Bosch Lithography Plant

The software

Peakboard Designer.

Capture, process and visualize your order data e.g. from SAP with the production data from your machine – in real time and without major programming effort.

Just download the software for free, install it on your PC and get started.